15 Outstanding Books About Respect for Kids

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While learning respect is essential for young children, the concept or idea of respect is very abstract. So that begs the question, How can we teach young children about respect? Well, that’s where this list of books about respect for kids comes into the picture.

Through the different events and encounters within the stories, kids begin to make connections between positive choices, people’s feelings, and consequences of thoughtless behavior.

They will begin to notice how the main character’s interactions affect the outcome and how positive behaviors typically reap positive results. And this is the beginning of understanding how to interact with others and show respect through actions.

1. The Recess Queen

Mean Jean is a horrible bully who uses her strength and power to scare the other kids. And everyone knows you don’t make a move until Mean Jean does because if anyone crossed her, she’d “push ’em and smoosh ’em lollapaloosh ’em, hammer ’em, slammer ’emkitz and kajammer ’em.” But when a new girl moves to the school, everything changes. She goes out of her way to become Jean’s good friend, and the results will have everyone cheering! Trust me when I tell you, this engaging title by Alexis O’Neill will be a crowd-favorite.

2. Show Some Respect

The Berenstain Bears book always showcase the types of character traits every loving adults wants for future generations. Whether you buy these books for your own children, the students in your class, or just for your local library, you will not be disappointed. In this beautiful book, Stan and Jan Berenstain teach readers valuable lesson about respect and specifically about what it means to respect your elders. Another wonderful title to add to your collection of books about respect for kids.

3. Respectful Ninja

Another fantastic title in the Mary Nhin Ninja Life Hacks series. Many people think that respect is just about being nice to others. And while that is an important part, respect is also about caring how your actions impact those around you. Discover how ninjas show respect and give respect in this excellent story dedicated to helping young readers develop this important character trait.

4. My Mouth is a Volcano

In this fantastic book by Julia Cook, young readers learn about why interrupting is disrespectful. A little boy named Louis knows firsthand how hard it is to not speak your thoughts as soon as they come into your mind because all of his thoughts are important! But when other people in his class start interrupting him, he begins to realize why it is important to be respectful of others.

5. A Little Respectful SPOT

Being respectful is all about letting others know you care about them, but it also shows you care about yourself. In this colorful book by Diane Alber, young children will learn all about respecting people, places, and things. They will also see the concept of respect displayed in a variety of different situations including how to be polite by following a cute little yellow spot on a series of adventures around his neighborhood. This book is a great way to take a relatively abstract concept and make it applicable!

6. Spaghetti in a Hot Dog Bun

When Lucy becomes the unlucky recipient of a bully’s attention, the way she looks, what she eats, and even how she does things makes her a target. It isn’t until the bully finds himself in a scary predicament that the tables turn and Lucy has her opportunity to get back at him. This story will teach young kids the valuable lessons of conflict resolution and how to live out the golden rule…even when you don’t want to!

7. Yes, I Can Listen!

Another fantastic title in this of books about respect for kids. Steve Metzger helps kids understand what it means to be a good listener and how to listen for sounds in their lives in a fun way. Once children have achieved the ability to listen, they can apply this essential life skill to every situation. There are even suggestions for fun activities that parents can do with their kids. While this title is unique in its approach, your kids will love it!

8. Whoever You Are

This sweet book by Mem Fox is one that I’ve had in my personal library for years. In my opinion, it is one the most awesome children’s books about respect. The author does a wonderful job of pointing out the similarities between all people from different cultures, and the illustrations add such beauty to a truly perfect story. It is the ideal springboard for a great discussion about how we are all unique and yet similar in our own ways.

9. My Respectful Robot

Respectful Bot is very respectful. He knows how to show respect to others and he shares what he knows with his other robot friends. Come along and join the other Thoughtful Bots as they learn new life skills together. Part of the Thoughtful Bots series of stories, this title will teach children what respect is, how to show respect to others (with lots of relevant examples), and how being respectful is part of having good manners.

10. Do Unto Otters

In her characteristic playful style, Laurie Keller highlights the importance of manners. When Mr. Rabbit meets his new neighbors, he is very concerned about the fact that they are otters. He doesn’t know anything about otters!! What if they are mean or they just don’t get along? But then a friend reminds him that he should treat them as he would want to be treated. So Mr. Rabbit spends time thinking about and discussing all of the most important qualities he would like his neighbors to possess.

11. Teach Your Dragon Respect

Having a dragon can be really tricky. But it is especially difficult if you discover your dragon is being disrespectful. So how do you teach a dragon respect? Well, that is exactly what this book is all about. Another excellent title in the My Dragon Books series by Steve Herman, kids will see first-hand what happens to the dragon when he doesn’t show respect. They will also learn how (and why) it is important to show respect to people including parents, teachers, friends, and others as well as how to respect things and property!

12. Have You Filled a Bucket Today?

This is probably the best book I’ve found to help kids understand the abstract concept of respect and kindness. Carol McCloud does an outstanding job of helping kids visualize what it means to build others up and tear them down by the words we speak and the actions we take. This book is an excellent addition to your collection of books about respect for kids.

13. I Choose to Be Respectful

Book 9 in the I Choose series by Elizabeth Estrada, this title is an excellent addition to this book list! It includes meaningful concrete examples of what showing respect looks like in every day life and provides helpful suggestions for where kids can look for opportunities to show respect. It also helps children understand that they get to choose to show respect to others. This colorful, rhyming story will be one that your kids reach for again and again.

14. The Juice Box Bully

Bullying is one of the most disrespectful things a child can experience. But what if the bullying is happening to someone else? Should kids just stand around glad they aren’t the ones being targeted? In this story, kids meet Pete, a new student who is disrespectful to everyone he meets. One day he takes his bullying too far and sprays juice all over his classmate. Thankfully, she has friends who stand up to Pete and teach him about respect.

15. Respect – The Best Me I Can Be

Keigan made a big mistake, and he learns that showing respect means admitting your mistake and asking others for forgiveness. The third book in Rose Angebrandt’s The Best Me I Can Be series, helps kids see what respect looks like and what it actually means to turn a wrong into a right. With engaging illustrations and a story kids can relate to, this book is a wonderful addition to your home library or classroom collection.

Learning respect for others and yourself is a big deal. And that’s why I have curated this list of the best books about respect for kids. They are all fantastic titles that your kids will love.

Remember to check your local library, thrift stores, and Amazon for these titles. You won’t be disappointed!