Favorite Blogs You Need to be Reading

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Do you ever find yourself gravitating toward certain blogs because you feel like you gain something of value just by reading the content?  I know I do.  It’s like the blogger knows exactly how I’m feeling, and what I need for this specific season in my life. 

That’s what drives me back to my favorite blogs every time.

As I have transitioned between classroom teacher and homeschooling teacher, I’ve faced new situations for which I’ve sought answers. 

Being a newbie in each area, I’ve typically found what I needed on blogs written by individuals who are a little farther down the road in their experiences.  Having recently added virtual teacher to my repertoire, I’ve found myself once again seeking out experienced individuals for guidance.

And it’s this search that got me thinking about all of my favorite blogs.  There are so many blogs out there on every possible subject imaginable, and it can be daunting to try and distinguish the good, the bad, and the ugly. 

So, I decided to narrow down some of my very favorite blogs.  The ones that I continue to go back to because they’re just that good!  Some of them you may already be familiar with, but hopefully, you’ll find a few new ones that will become instant favorites!

Favorite Blogs for Teachers

This category is dedicated to the blogs devoted to teaching.  Whether we are stay-at-home mamas, homeschooling mamas, classroom teachers, or some combination of those, we’re all teachers who love our “kids.” 

It’s this love for our biological, adopted, and classroom “kids” that drives us to seek out ways to improve as teachers.  Thus, these favorites provide amazing information and top-notch educational resources.

Teachers Pay Teachers (TpT)

I think this one goes without saying, but I will say it again.  If you have never visited this site before, you need to pause right here and visit it NOW!  This site is home to over 2.5 million educational resources. 

There are tons of free and paid resources.  (I actually have a series of posts dedicated to TpT including How to Find the Best Resources, Ways to Save Money on TpT, and Maximizing Your Searches.)

BUT, we aren’t talking about websites, we’re talking about blogs.  Well, do you want to know a secret?  TpT isn’t just a website that sells educational resources.  

It’s also home to a fantastic blog where you can find information about teaching strategies, classroom management, and trends in education…just to name a few.  And the best part is, many of the posts are written by the amazing teacher-authors you know and love.  Trust me, you need to check it out!

One Stop Teacher Shop

I love this blog because you can find amazing resources and information.  Kristin, the woman behind the blog, has created, in my opinion, the absolute BEST spiral review resources on the market!  As my boys enter new grade levels, I purchase her spiral review bundles EVERY YEAR. 

And while I’m frugal about spending money, these are worth every penny.  On her blog, you can find all kinds of great information about the importance of doing spiral reviews as well as unique ways to use the resources daily!

Favorite Blogs for Homeschoolers

Obviously, this set of blogs is geared toward homeschoolers, but just as importantly, they contain helpful content in a variety of areas.  So, homeschoolers or not, you can find exceptional content here.

Not Consumed

If ever there was a blogging mama you need to follow, it’s Kim from Not Consumed.  She is a single mom (not by choice) with four children.  Somehow, she manages to work full time, homeschool her kids, and her youngest son was diagnosed with cancer a few years ago. 

The encouragement and resources you can find on her site are awesome.  She has several FREE bundles of printables to help you on your homeschooling journey.

But, the amazing thing about Kim is that she has such great discipleship and Bible resources for kids.  WE LOVE THEM!  Our favorites have been “My Brother’s Keeper” (a study on sibling rivalry) and “Because I Said So” (a study about understanding obedience).

My boys have learned so much from these.  We have 2 others we are planning to work on this school year!  So if you don’t homeschool, but you want great Bible, quiet time, and discipleship books, this is the site you’ll want to visit.  I think it will definitely be one of your favorite blogs, too.

My Favorite Blog EVER

I Heart Organizing– I decided to wrap up with this blog because it was the first blog I ever followed closely.  I know…it doesn’t have anything to do with teaching, but I’ve found so many of Jen’s posts have helped me simplify my life!  

The spaces she has created are so clean, fresh and drool-worthy.  Honestly, I love everything about the blog, and I think I’ve read every article she’s ever written.  She has even inspired me to tackle some of the most disorganized spaces in my home!  And because of that, Jen has earned the “Favorite Blog Since the Beginning” Award!

We all have favorite blogs that we visit over and over again. But what makes them so enticing? Maybe they have helpful tips, free printables, or amazing products. Discover the top 5 blogs that have all the right stuff for teachers, homeschoolers, and organizers! #organization #favoriteblogs #teachers #homeschoolers

I hope you can find as much joy and help as I have with these blogs.  There are many other AMAZING blogs in the blog-o-sphere, but these just happen to be some personal favorites.