The Best Family Games to Give This Holiday

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Every year we all struggle with picking out the perfect gift for the ones we love. We either run out of ideas or time and end up giving a gift that isn’t the magic we envisioned. So, this year, consider giving the gift of a board game. These are some of the best family games available, and they are bound to be fun for everyone.

The Best Family Games to Give This Holiday

1. Monopoly

A classic! I’ve played it since I was a little girl and I have always loved it. Truth be told, this needs to be in every family’s arsenal of games.

While you can still find the “original” Monopoly, there are a multitude of different versions to be had. At our house, our favorite is The Disney Edition.

2. Speak Out: Kids vs. Parents

This game is absolutely hilarious and it is just as much fun for kids as it is adults! While there are several different versions of this game, we own the “Kids versus Parents” version.

And let me just tell you, I laughed until I cried. It was hysterical watching everyone try to talk with these things in their mouths.

Thankfully, this particular version of the game comes with two different sized mouthpieces. Trust me, if you want one of the best family games on the market, you have to invest in this one.

3. Yahtzee

Such a fun game with minimal space needed! Grab the dice, scorekeeping pad, and a pencil, and you’re ready to play.

In my opinion, the cup is just a waste of space. This is mostly due to the fact that when my kids start shaking the dice in that thing, I want to pull my own hair out. It is one of the loudest sounds on Earth.

So, if you are getting this for your family (or a family you want to stay friends with), throw out the cup.

4. Would You Rather?

This game gets pretty gross sometimes, but my boys LOVE it! Generally, we don’t actually even play the full game. We typically just pull the cards out and see which dilemma we can handle more than the other.

To play the game, you have to decide what you think the other players will choose and move forward on the game board based on your correct or incorrect assumptions.

The topics range from disgusting to hilarious to random, but it gets our vote as one of the best family games.

5. Headbandz Act Up

Y’all…this game. You would think it would be easy, but it isn’t!! Here’s how it works. Each player puts on a plastic headband, and then draws a card from the deck without looking at it.

After placing it in their headband, they roll the dice to see who will have to “act out” whatever “person, place, or thing” (aka noun) word is on their head.

It really is quite hysterical. And even more so, when you get to see full grown men and adolescent boys trying to act like a ballerina! Trust me, if a win is involved, they’ll do anything! 🙂

6. Mancala

If you’ve never played this game, you need to make sure it’s on your bucket list. The premise behind this game is to collect the most stones.

The rules are simple. You start with five stones in each space, and players take turns moving stones until one player’s spaces are empty.

And although I’ve included it on the best family games, it’s actually only for 2 players. So to accommodate a family, take turns playing the winner of each game.

7. Sorry Sliders

My parents actually picked this game up at a yard sale for my youngest son. I had never played the originally Sorry board game, so I wasn’t really sure my boys would like it.

Boy, was I wrong!

Think of this game similar to shuffleboard. There are four different ways to play, and each game has slightly different rules. But, as with most games, the person with the most points wins!

8. Trouble

We LOVE Trouble at our house. (Hmmm…as I read that I realize I might want to rephrase my statement!) We love to play the Trouble board game.

My son received the Star Wars version of this game at least 6 years ago and it gets as much use now as it did when he got it. I love the fact that four players can play at a time and it is a super simple game to learn.

Of course, as with most of the other games I have shared on our list of the “Best Family Games,” there are several versions to choose from. However, just remember that no matter which edition you choose, you will LOVE Trouble!

9. Jenga Classic Game

When my boys were little, they got this game as a gift. Initially, they liked just stacking and knocking down the blocks, but as they’ve gotten older they really enjoy playing this by the rules.

This game is an excellent way for kids to practice hand-eye coordination and also focus. Because if you lack either, you won’t do well with this particular game.

My kids like this game so much that we recently added the Jenga Quake Game to our library of family board games.

10. Exploding Kittens

I know the name sounds horrific, but this game is a TOTAL win according to my sons. They received this as a Christmas gift a few years ago, and they still play it all the time.

**A word of caution, if you choose to purchase this, DO NOT get the adult version. (It’s definitely not appropriate for littles!)**  

However, this original edition is as silly as it is hilarious. And that makes it a winner as one of the best family games.

If you are considering giving one of the best family games as a Christmas gift, you may have a run for your money. There are just SO many fun options. The trick is to find those that appeal to kids and adults alike. That way everyone is ready for game night! Discover 10 board games you MUST invest in this holiday. #boardgames #family #holidays #giftguide

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