12 Christmas Presents for Teachers (That They Actually Want)

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As a former classroom teacher, I can tell you that there is an art to crafting Christmas presents for teachers that they will actually like. You see, all of the gifts we receive are precious because of the fact that our students have given them to us. Unfortunately, they aren’t always useful.

So, I decided to put together twelve gifts that I know any teacher would love!

12 Christmas Presents for Teachers

1. Teacher Toolbox

So, this is actually just a regular toolbox.

But, in the world of teachers, having a teacher toolbox is essential because it holds all of the little things like paperclips, rubber bands, and white out that tend to get misplaced throughout the day.

To make this an even more amazing gift, consider adding a Teachers Pay Teachers gift card. This would allow her to purchase a set of cute, coordinating labels to make her toolbox perfect!!

2. Teachers Pay Teachers Gift Card

This truly is the gift that keeps on giving.

From $5.00-$500.00, these gift cards are perfect for every teacher because it gives them the opportunity to buy things for the students in their classrooms.

The best part is that these are e-cards. So if you find yourself without a present at the last minute, you can simply purchase one of these. This helps your child’s teacher and ultimately, your child as well.

3. Papermate Flair Pens

Teachers are obsessed with flair pens. If you’ve never taken the time to use them, you must!

They come in every color imaginable and they make grading millions of papers so much more enjoyable.

You can buy the pens individually, but to get the best deal you will want to purchase a set.

4. Silver Teacher Bracelet

Do you ever have tough days that make you question some of your choices in life? Well teachers do, too.

No matter how much they love teaching, some days are just hard.

This bracelet is a beautiful reminder of why she chose this profession, why she spends so much time at school, and why she is willing to experience those hard days to make a difference in the lives of others.

5. Starbucks Gift Card

Let’s be honest…no gift guide would be complete without a Starbucks Gift Card. And since teachers basically run on caffeine, this is the “go to” gift for any teacher.

Between early morning bus duty and late evenings grading papers, every teacher can use a little pick me up! So this gift card would make her day.

As an added bonus, you can grab this as an e-gift card just a few minutes before you give it to your child’s teacher.

6. Scotch Personal Laminator

This may seem like a completely ridiculous gift, but I can promise you that the teacher in your life will love you for this! You see, waiting for the school laminator is time-consuming and really inconvenient.

In most schools, the laminator is only available certain days and that means that everyone is trying to laminate at the same time.

So, having a personal laminator allows the teacher freedom to laminate whenever her heart desires.

7. Laminating Sheets

If your child’s teacher already has a personal laminator, you can NEVER go wrong with laminating sheets. (These get gone very quickly and the price adds up when you are buying them in bulk.)Consider going together with another parent and buying both the personal laminator and a pack of laminating sheets. Just trust me when I tell you, your kindness will be greatly appreciated.

8. Grey Felt Letter Board

Does your child’s teacher love quotes or inspirational messages?

If so, this felt letter board would be a fantastic present. In fact, it’s so pretty that she might even choose to display it at her home.

But either way, she has a unique gift that she will enjoy for years.

9. Subscription to The Magnolia Journal

We all love Joanna Gaines, and that is why this is one of my favorite Christmas presents for teachers!Each issue is full of decorating ideas as well as encouraging content that will be exactly what your child’s teacher needs.

And the coolest thing about this gift is that each time she receives a new magazine, she will think about your and your child.

10. Brown Vintage Backpack

I actually own this backpack and I LOVE it! It has enough room for my computer, my planner, and other random items. Whenever I go anywhere that I will need more than just my purse, this is my go to bag.

I actually used it when we went to Disney World last year to hold all of the snacks (and trust me, there were MANY snacks) and water bottles. So, out of the many Christmas presents for teachers to choose from, this would be a great one! It will help her carry all of the papers she needs to grade at home.

11. Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet

While I don’t personally use essential oils, many people swear by the helpful/medicinal properties of them.

So, why not consider giving the special teacher in your child’s life an oil diffusing bracelet? It’s beautiful and functional which makes it a definite winner in my book!There are also necklaces and other accessories that would be perfect to coordinate with this bracelet.

12. Amazon Gift Card

Since the likelihood of your child’s teacher having an Amazon Prime Membership is extremely high, this would be one of the best Christmas gifts she could receive.

While she can use it for almost anything in the world that she wants, she will probably end up using it to purchase things for her classroom.

Out of this list of twelve Christmas presents for teachers, which one do you think would be that special teacher’s favorite? While it may be hard to narrow down the most favorite, this list is bound to contain at least a few gifts that you would want to give to the most deserving teacher in your life.

Finding the perfect Christmas presents for teachers shouldn't be hard, but it is sometimes. While teachers appreciate every gift they receive from kids, certain ones are just amazing. There are always DIY options or homemade choices, but these 12 Christmas gift ideas for the special teachers in your child's life are easy and fun! #giftguide #Christmasgifts #teacher #holiday

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