Classroom Teaching

being a teacher is a high calling

…but it doesn’t have to be so overwhelming.

It is absolutely possible to be an effective classroom teacher who meets the needs of your students while building lasting relationships without all of the stress.

I’m here to share simple tips + easy to implement ideas that will save time so you can spend time with your family, start that teacher side hustle, or prepare to exit the classroom.

Teaching Literacy

Literacy is defined as “the ability to read & write.” To read, children must process language including letters, sounds, + words which leads to fluency + comprehension.

To write, a child must be able to grasp a writing tool properly + understand spelling, grammar, & context. We cover all that and more in this section.

Creating a Positive Learning Environment

The learning environment you create in your classroom has a huge impact on the physical, emotional, social, & educational wellbeing of your students.

In this section, we discuss how to create a welcoming classroom, how to get organized (and stay that way), & how to implement verbal & nonverbal behavior management strategies!

Teaching Life Skills

Life skills are the ones we want our students to master as soon as possible. Everything from character building, growth mindset, + goal setting to basic skills like how to type & establish good handwriting practices.

In this section, we explore a HUGE variety of topics, but the one common denominator is they’re ALL essential to success inside + outside of the classroom!

Teaching Math

While the name “math” seems pretty explanatory, in this section we’ll dig into EVERYTHING elementary math.

Discover how to teach basic number sense, how to guarantee addition, subtraction, + multiplication “click” with your students, as well as what types of activities & resources to include in your math block to help your students become successful mathematicians!!

Math doesn’t have to be scary for you or your students!

Teacher Life

While all the other categories relate to your students, this one’s just for you! We discuss actionable strategies to make your day go more smoothly + ways you can be a more effective teacher in the classroom.

We also dig into how to avoid burnout + what to do when you are feeling totally overwhelmed. Think of this section as essential to your mental health!