Virtual Teaching with the Find-A-Star Reward System

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Having a VIPKid reward system is essential to a great lesson…at least in the eyes of your students! If you’ve been a virtual teacher for any length of time, you know how much the kids enjoy receiving their “stars,” playing games, and receiving personalized rewards from you.

However, remembering to use secondary rewards in addition to the virtual stars in class can be a daunting task…especially as a new VIPKID teacher. But, the Find-A-Star reward system is the perfect starting point!

You see, the system is really easy to use. It requires minimal preparation, takes up just a small amount of space, and integrates perfectly with the virtual stars. Truthfully, it takes a little bit of the initial fear of “forgetting something during class” out of the equation, and therefore, it’s a winner in my book!

How Find-A-Star Works

The premise is simple.

Create or choose a reward sheet, or “board” that has 12 images and stars, and place it on a small cookie sheet using magnets. You can also use tape or sticky tack, but magnets are the best long-term solution.

When your student does a good job, he/she picks a number. Simply remove the number to reveal the picture or star beneath. That’s all there is to it!

The kids love it and are always so excited to find their stars. My favorite thing about the Find-A-Star reward is the fact that when a star is revealed, it’s a reminder to me to click the stars on the screen. No more forgetting the virtual stars!

Where Do I Find the Find-A-Star Reward Boards?

Well, you have two options when it comes to using this particular reward system.

Option 1

You can create your own boards and numbers. This will take time and energy, but you can certainly do it. You’ll need to go online and find images to fill your 12 spaces. But just make sure that the images you are using are not copyrighted! That can open up a whole can of worms…

If you do decide to make your own, make several different boards so that the stars are not always under the same numbers. (Trust me, the kids will figure this out quickly and the reward will lose some of its luster.)

Option 2

You can take the easy route, and it will only cost you $5.00. I created 3 different sets of reward boards bundles with each set containing 40 unique boards. Then I decided to bundle all three sets for teachers who wanted ALL of the options at the lowest possible price!

When I created these, I wanted to have enough VIPKid rewards to get through an entire month of classes without repeating. Of course, once I completed these bundles, I knew I had to share them with you!

Is this VIPKID reward system printable?

Absolutely! When you go to my TpT shop you will find all kinds of VIPKID resources. And the best part is that as soon as you purchase anything, you get immediate access to your download. That means that your VIPKID reward system printable is ready to go as soon as you are ready to print!

What magnets do you use?

This is actually a question that I have been asked before, and I wanted to make sure that I told you about my magnets of choice. I use neodymium magnets. These are basically little, tiny magnets that are ridiculously strong.

I ordered mine over 3 years ago from some random online company and they took several weeks to arrive. However, you can find the same type of magnets on Amazon.

I put one magnet on the back of  each number, and then I connect the reward sheet to the cookie sheet using one magnet in each of the four corners.

I place the “corner” magnets on top of the laminated reward sheet and they hold the sheet in place perfectly. Then, when I place each laminated number on the reward sheet, these hold up perfectly as well.

5 Quick Find-A-Star Tips and Tricks

Even though this is a really simple reward system to use, it still helps to have tips from someone who’s already used it successfully. So, I have five helpful hints to make implementing this reward system seamless.

1. Allow Students to Choose More Than One Number

Encourage your students to choose 2 numbers at a time. This will keep you from having to stop the lesson 12 different times to reveal every space. (Sometimes if I’m running short on time, I will even let them choose 3 numbers.)

This is a guaranteed time saver, but also a way to keep your student engaged throughout the lesson.

2. Use the Same Board All Day 

Make your life easier by using the same reward board for all of your classes in a given day.

I typically choose gender-neutral boards on days when I have boys and girls to make transitioning through 6 back-to-back classes a whole lot easier.

Then between each class, all I have to do is put the numbers over the pictures and I’m ready for my next class. 🙂

This is especially helpful when one class runs to the last possible second!

3. Pick Numbers for Young Students

When I use this reward system with my Pre-VIP students or my very young students, I pick the numbers for them since most of them are not familiar with all of the numbers yet.

Then, as I choose the number, I say it out loud so they have the opportunity to hear the number spoken in English. Sometimes, I will even have them repeat the number if they are far enough along in their VIPKID journey.

4. Laminate Your Boards

For durability purposes, laminate your boards and numbers. It takes a little bit of extra time, but I promise you will be so glad you did!

I also print my boards on cardstock to ensure maximum longevity.

5. Apply Mod Podge

Coating your laminated reward boards with Mod Podge or a matte spray will help lessen the glare. I, personally, have used Mod Podge simply because it’s what I already had on hand, but a matte spray will work just as well.

Remember, friend, not that long ago, I was a new VIPKID teacher, too. I wanted to have all of these amazing reward systems for my students, and I spent so much time (and money), creating VIPKid rewards that were sometimes hits and other times flops.

But, if I’d known about the Find-A-Star reward system when I first began, I would’ve started with it and never looked back.

Honestly, it’s one of the best VIPKid reward system ideas because it’s a simple system that is just so easy to use! And I’m confident your students will love just as much as mine do!

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