15 of the Best Free Learning Games for Kindergarteners

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Finding free learning games for kindergartners that are age-appropriate and that meet essential objectives can be tough. While there are thousands of websites that claim to offer quality educational games for free, this is not always the case. 

It can be very frustrating as a parent (and homeschooling mom) to try to find additional resources for your child that check all of the boxes. So that’s why I created this list of free learning games for kindergarteners. 

No more scouring through endless Google searches again because these are both teacher and mom-approved! 

Free Learning Games for Kindergarteners


screenshot of Education.com homepage showing free learning games

This website offers tons of resources (aligned with current Common Core Standards) for students of all ages that include games, worksheets, and lesson plans for most subjects. Simply choose your child’s grade level and create an account to get started! 

Education.com allows 3 monthly downloads for free, but if you want unlimited access to all of their resources they offer an affordable monthly membership. If you are a homeschooling parent, they offer additional discounts to make the monthly fee even more affordable.

Cool Kindergarten

screenshot of Cool Kindergarten where kids can play learning games for free

Cool Kindergarten is designed specifically for 5 and 6-year-olds to practice math and reading skills. This resource is always free and a great alternative to other paid memberships, such as ABC Mouse. 

They also offer online audiobook videos and games that would be lots of fun if your child had some free time to play age-appropriate games. The website is perfect for young learners because they can navigate independently without you having to worry about them landing on other websites by accident.

PBS Kids

PBS Kids learning games page

If your child enjoys watching their favorite shows on PBS, they will love these free learning games! Your preschoolers and kindergarteners will recognize familiar faces, which will increase their engagement and make learning even more fun! PBS Kids offers learning games for reading, math, science, engineering, as well as other interesting topics. 

Turtle Diary 

screenshot of free learning games for kindergarteners on Turtle Diary

This website offers tons of free learning games for kindergarteners up to fifth grade. Above each game, you will find a small intro and learning objective. They even offer games to teach typing and geography along with the other core subjects.

Unfortunately, the major downside to this resource is the ads. I am NOT a fan of websites for children that have pop up ads because they can be misleading to your child and cause them to be redirected from the platform. 

If you do decide to use Turtle Diary, I would suggest either being seated with your child while he/she is playing (so you can make sure they are staying on the actual website) or purchasing the premium option, which removes the ads and has the added bonus of allowing you to track your student’s progress. 

Fun Brain Jr. 

homepage of Fun Brain Jr. where kids can play games for free

Fun Brain Jr. is a fantastic place for children, ages 2 to 6, to play games and learn. You will find printable downloads and stickers that kids earn as they progress thru the games. While you won’t find as many games on Fun Brain Jr. as other websites, the fact that everything is free makes it well worth your time to check out! And if you’re specifically looking for math and reading learning games, this is the place to be.

Splash Learn 

Splashlearn.com homepage where kids can use games to learn

With over 61 free math games, your kindergartener will never be bored. All of the resources that Splash Learn offers align with Common Core Standards. Their website contains math materials only and there is no subscription required! You don’t have to worry about ads either, which will keep your student on track without being distracted. 

Nick Jr. 

nickjr.com games page

Another learning library similar to PBS Kids, your students will go bananas when they get to play along with their favorite characters. While this website’s games don’t align with Common Core State Standards specifically, your child will still be learning and practicing important skills along with their favorite characters from Nick Jr. And remember, the key to keeping kids engaged during learning is excitement! 

Cool Math 4 Kids

screenshot of cool math 4 kids

Here’s another free learning resource catered towards all things math! This website actually offers games for ages 5-12, which is perfect if you have multiple kids on tech time at once. Your kids will be able to access games covering a variety of essential math concepts. As an added bonus, Cool Math 4 Kids also has a sister site, CoolMath.com, which is rated for kids 13 and up. 

Time for Kids 

screenshot of Time for Kids

Coming straight from Time Magazine, Time for Kids is packed with articles and photos covering the environment, current events, health, sports, and more! Although this website is not as interactive or colorful as compared to the other resources listed, it’s a fantastic way to let kids see the news from an age-appropriate perspective. 

Fun Brain 

screenshot of funbrain.com

Once your kids visit this site, you will definitely want to bookmark it! Fun Brain offers games, reading resources, videos, and a math zone for kids from preschool to 8th grade! The site is straightforward when it comes to navigation, and you can filter the learning games so that only those for kindergarten populate to make it easier for your child. 

Highlights Kids 

screenshot of highlights homepage

Highlights magazine always makes me nostalgic because it was the first “real” magazine subscription designed specifically for kids. I remember finding them in every waiting room I visited and seeing them in the library at school. 

They’ve definitely come a long way since then with four different versions from babies to school-aged children as well as bilingual options! They even have an online space where your child can find tons of activities and free learning games for kindergarteners that would be great to incorporate into family time. You will also find ideas for crafts and kid-friendly recipes! 

Jump Start 

screenshot of jumpstart homepage where kids can play free learning games

These kindergarten activities include printables and online learning games. You will find math, reading, and science resources! The site is super organized and ad-free even without a subscription. Jump Start is a great tool for homeschooling parents and classroom teachers! 

Khan Academy 

homepage for Khan academy

Looking for high-quality content? Khan Academy offers amazing content for learners up to the college level! While you have to make an account to access everything, the account is completely free…so no worries. You will find content for just about any topic imaginable and a wealth of resources for all of the core subjects. It’s also super-simple to track your child’s progress with their reports! 

From personal experience, I can tell you that Khan Academy is our go-to resource whenever they need a little more help on a particular concept from Algebra and Geometry to History! It’s truly a fantastic resource, and that is why I had to include it on this list of free learning games for kindergarteners.

National Geographic Kids 

screenshot of national geo kids

The videos and images that National Geographic Kids have in their magazines and on their websites are out of this world! Their content is very reliable and engaging no matter what your student likes learning. They have every topic imaginable ranging from animals to space…and just so you know, the quiz games are so much fun! 


screenshot of home page showing kids learning games

Cookie.com offers hundreds of free learning activities including games created around language, math, and science! And be sure to check out their printable worksheet section if you are a classroom teacher, homeschooling family, or you just want your child to have some extra activities at home! 


screenshot of HOMER homepage

The Homer app offers a free 30 day trial for students between the ages of 2 and 8. This app was developed by experts and has been shown to increase reading scores by as much as 74%.

Kids love the fact that the app is specialized to their interests while parents appreciate the fact that their kids are reading, exploring math concepts, and improving their thinking skills in unique and creative ways.

Remember, learning doesn’t have to be boring! Because kids of all ages love interactive websites and apps, I can guarantee that these are going to be a hit. Whether you are thinking about incorporating them into your daily classroom routine, your homeschool schedule, or your summer rhythms, I know your kids are going to love these free learning games for kindergartners.

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