The Ultimate Gift Guide for VIPKid Teachers

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Is there a virtual teacher in your life that you would like to get a unique gift for, but you don’t where to begin? Well, you’ve come to the right place! As a VIPKid teacher, I know what types of things are really meaningful.

That’s why I created this gift guide for every online teacher you know from VIPKid teachers to classroom teachers gone virtual. With 10 gifts to choose from, you’re bound to find something helpful for every teacher on your list!

Perfect Gifts for Online Teachers

1. Quality Headphones with Microphone

No gift guide for online teachers would be worth its salt without a few obvious choices…and this is definitely one of those! As virtual teachers, it’s imperative that we have a good set of headphones with a microphone. This is even more important if we teach multiple classes in a row.

While many teachers use a smaller set of headphones, I like the fact that the larger gaming headphones tend to be noise-cancelling. This is really handy when you have a soft-spoken student or a connection that isn’t ideal. And because I wear glasses when I teach, I appreciate the fact that these don’t squeeze my ears and temples.

2. Dry Erase Pockets

This is probably one of my favorite tools in my virtual classroom. I use them EVERY SINGLE DAY! As online teachers, we’re always looking for ways to be a little more organized and to minimize the clutter in our classrooms.

With these dry erase pockets, you don’t need to use paper to write notes and another tool to organize your props. Simply put any props in the pocket and write notes on the outside with a dry erase marker. It works like a charm!

3. Teachers Pay Teachers Gift Card

This is truly the gift that keeps on giving! As online teachers, we adjust our teaching to meet the needs of our students. Therefore, props and resources that are ideal for one student may not be a good fit for other students.

Giving the online teachers in your life a gift card to Teachers Pay Teachers would allow them to buy flashcards, teaching resources, or decorative elements to enhance their classroom. And since TpT offers gift cards ranging from $5.00-$500.00, you have the option to choose an amount that suits the needs of that special virtual teacher in your life.

4. Laser Printer

I adore my laser printer because I can print all of my flashcards and other props at home without having to go to the store every time I need something new. I’ve had the older version of this printer for 4 years now and it’s fantastic! The colors are amazing and the quality of the print is phenomenal. I’ve printed all of my props from home, and I know that this would be gift that the whole family could use!

5. Scotch Personal Laminator

This may seem like a completely ridiculous gift, but I promise that the virtual teacher in your life will love you for this! You see, we use specific props every day to help our students understand abstract concepts. This means that some of our props receive a lot of wear and tear. By having a laminator, we can immediately create a prop that has a lifetime of use ahead!

6. Laminating Sheets

If you plan on purchasing a laminator, you’re going to want to also invest in some laminating sheets as well. These are the ones I use, personally, and I love the quality. They are thick enough to make my props extremely sturdy without adding too much bulk.

7. 10 Drawer Rolling Cart

I have two of these that I use in my VIPKID classroom. They are perfect for many of the 2D props and reward systems that we use during our classes. This makes excellent use of the vertical space in a small room. There are also beautiful labels for the front of these carts that can be purchased on TpT. 

8. Comfortable Desk Chair

A comfortable desk chair is essential to a gift guide for VIPKid teachers. Our entire classroom is the size of a computer screen. And since there isn’t much room to move, we have to make sure that where we’re sitting is comfortable. So, consider investing in a chair that will be comfortable and supportive for that special virtual teacher.

9. Standing Desk

Some teachers enjoy standing while teaching because they have more freedom of movement. If this is going to be a possibility, a standing desk is necessary. Unfortunately, standing desks are REALLY expensive…as in several hundred dollars expensive.

So, a much more thrifty alternative is an adjustable computer stand. This can adjust to multiple heights to meet the needs of the teacher. My favorite part about my adjustable computer stand is the fact that I can use it whether I’m sitting or standing.

10. Apple iPad with WiFi

I saved my favorite item for last on this ultimate gift guide for VIPKID teachers. While I have an older version of this iPad, I love mine.

And while you may not know it, there is actually an app that teachers can use to teach classes. This makes an iPad the perfect gift! It provides a high-definition experience on a very mobile device, and that is a definite win in my opinion!

Finding gifts for virtual teachers just got so much easier! In the Ultimate Gift Guide for VIPKID Teachers, I have shared ten of the best gifts you can give this holiday season. She (or he) is bound to love anything from this inclusive list. Of course my favorite is the 10th item. #vipkid #teaching #eslteacher #holiday #giftguide

Each item that I included on this list makes teaching just a little bit easier for that special VIPKID teacher in your life. And if you choose to get any of these gifts this year, I guarantee the recipient will be thrilled!