Why You Need the Classroom Exit Strategies Podcast in your life

Have you ever looked at something you’ve seen a million times, and suddenly you realize it isn’t what you thought? Well, that’s exactly what happened to me recently, and ultimately led to the creation of the Classroom Exit Strategies podcast.

In the education world, there’s always been a circle of life…new teachers come, more experienced teachers retire. But in the last year and a half, there have been more teachers resigning & leaving the classroom than ever before.

Sure, the pandemic was a huge factor, but the truth is, this has been coming for a long time.

So what are classroom teachers to do? Should you stay in the classroom or should you open your mind to the possibility that there’s another path for you?

This podcast is designed to meet you at that scary crossroads…to give you confidence to choose your own path and permission to follow that path confidently.

The Classroom Exit Strategies Podcast

You see, I observed how few resources were available to teachers contemplating leaving the classroom and the lack of resources truly astounded me.

I realized that this taboo subject was generating a lot of discussion, but so many of the comments started with, “I want to leave the classroom, but…”

And that’s why this podcast is here.

We talk about things that no one else wants to discuss.

We cover those topics that you’ll face when you begin thinking about leaving the classroom, pursuing a side hustle while you’re still in the classroom, and even what options are going to be perfect for you as a second career.

But we also dive into how your mindset about leaving the classroom will help you succeed or determine your failure and how your approach to starting a side hustle (and ultimately building a self-sustaining business) needs to be accomplished…legally.

We dig into how exiting the classroom affects your retirement, insurance, & income as well as what that means long term for you and your family.

We spend time with some of the most AMAZING educators on the planet including current teachers who have robust side hustles, former teachers who are thriving as entrepreneurs, and experts in business, law, etc. who are sharing the inside scoop on all the things you need to know BEFORE you leave the classroom.

The truth is, knowing that other teachers have gone before you and successfully made the transition out of the classroom will give you the confidence to start your own exit journey. And I can’t wait to accompany you and provide you with the information you need to make wise decisions for yourself.

If you know that you’re ready to exit the classroom, but you want one-on-one coaching to help you devise a well-planned custom exit strategy along with actionable steps to start a side hustle that will become your full-time income, I’d love to help!!

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