How to Write VIPKid Feedback the Easy Way

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I love teaching with VIPKid! Interacting one-on-one with my students and seeing them make progress in their English abilities is the best part of my job. However, leaving VIPKid feedback is NOT my favorite.

So over the years, I’ve discovered some AMAZING time saving tips that will help you write meaningful feedback that parents actually read!

What is VIPKid Feedback?

VIPKid feedback is basically just a quick run down of how the class went including the topics and content your student mastered and skills he/she needs to practice.

As teachers, we are REQUIRED to leave feedback within a very specific time frame for every class we teach…or we do NOT get paid.

This requirement is in place for EVERY class we teach whether it’s a trial class, major course, supplementary class, or unit assessment.

And if you teach the full class time, but forget to leave feedback, you will NOT be paid. So, obviously, it’s an important part of our job as online ESL teachers.

How long do you have to leave feedback on VIPKid?

Leaving feedback within 12 hours of the class time will result in 100% pay, which is why I ALWAYS submit my class feedback right after I finish my last class of the day.

This guarantees that I will be within the required 12 hour time period and that I will be paid for the class I taught!

If you do ever forget to leave feedback within the first 12 hours, you can still submit the feedback up to 24 hours after the class, but you’ll only receive 50% of your pay. After 24 hours, you will not be paid at all for the class that you taught.

So here’s a quick overview…

  • 0-12 hours = 100% pay
  • 12-24 hours = 50% pay
  • 24+ = 0% pay

While this may seem harsh, it’s a vital part of our jobs as online educators. Therefore, we need to be mindful of giving our best during the lesson and then sharing our thoughts in the feedback so that parents are informed of how their child is progressing.

How do I Submit Class Feedback?

Submitting class feedback is very simple, and you can access the feedback form from two locations…the Home screen and the classroom.

Ultimately they both lead to the same place, but having multiple ways to get somewhere is always helpful. 😉

Accessing the Feedback Form

When you open the VIPKid app, you can access your feedback forms by clicking the “Missing CF/UA” tab. Any outstanding feedback will show up here as a number beside the tab.

Any missing classroom feedbacks or unit assessments will show up under the “Missing CF/UA” tab. From here you can easily access your feedback forms for each of the classes that you’ve taught in the last 24 hours.

If you’re all caught up, you will see a page that looks like this…

Locating the Feedback Form in the Classroom

To access the feedback form from inside the classroom, click on “Add Feedback.”

Once you click this button, another window will pop up over this section and you will have blank text boxes where you can leave all of the feedback for your student’s parents as well as tips or important information for the student’s next teacher.

Once you fill in all of the information you will choose to “Save” or “Submit” the feedback.

  • If you hit save, the information will be saved and you can access it even after closing the feedback window and classroom.
  • If you hit submit, the information will be sent to parents and VIPKid will pay you for the class that you taught.

I typically open the feedback window during my classes so that I can add any notes for myself, and then I save the information before I move to the next class.

Once I’ve completed all of my classes for the day, I return to each lesson and review the saved information. After adding any additional thoughts, I hit the submit button.

If you are concerned about whether you submitted your feedback or simply saved it, open the feedback window and look at the text. The content will be very light when you’ve actually submitted the feedback.

And the only button you will see at the bottom will say “Edit.”

Editing Submitted Feedback

Sometimes we realize that we made a mistake in the feedback. I’ve put the wrong student’s name in feedback, I’ve copied and pasted the wrong feedback template, and the list goes on.

But, we can actually edit the feedback even after it’s been submitted!

So if you made a mistake, simply go back to the feedback form, click the orange “Edit” button at the bottom, and update the content in the feedback form. But don’t forget to hit that submit button!!!

We only have the ability to edit the content for one hour after the end of class. So after the hour time limit, the button will turn light orange and no longer be clickable. At this point, you can no longer edit the information in the feedback form.

Now that you know where to add the feedback, you need to know how to write good feedback for every VIPKid lesson you teach.

How to Write Good VIPKid Feedback for Every Class

Like most things, writing good feedback takes practice. And when I first started, there wasn’t much guidance on how to write meaningful feedback.

I learned very quickly that there are a few things that you want to make sure to include in EVERY piece of feedback that you submit. You want to…

  • Recap the class and content learned
  • Focus on the good
  • Mention areas of difficulty
  • Point out one specific skill the child can practice at home
  • End on a good note
  • Always include your show name

Be sure to always start with a recap of the class so that parents understand what their child learned in the lesson you taught. This is especially important if the parent was not present during the lesson.

In many Level 1 and Level 2 lessons, parents are very close by or actually sitting beside the student. However, as students get older, parents rarely sit in on lessons.

Once you’ve mentioned the content, you can point out specific areas of mastery. Parents greatly appreciate this…so you definitely want to lead with this information.

Constructive criticism should always be sandwiched between positive comments because it will be better received by parents. Mastery is HIGHLY valued in the Chinese culture and we want to honor that while also providing helpful insight into areas that need to be improved.

Therefore, if you have to point out areas of weakness, don’t spend excessive amounts of time on them. Just point out one specific skill that the child could practice before the next lesson and move on!

Then be sure to talk about how much you enjoyed teaching the student and end with your show name. (In case you don’t know what I mean by show name, this is usually your first name and then a series of capital letters; mine is Jennifer DAF.)

Now, there is one other element that you can choose to include in your class feedback and that is 5 apple feedback from parents.

Asking for 5 Apple Feedback from Parents

Parents are not required to leave feedback for teachers. However, if you feel like a class went really well and you would like to request feedback from parents, you can absolutely do so!

If I choose to ask for 5 apple feedback after a class, I like to mention it at the very end of the feedback form after telling parents all of the amazing things their child accomplished in class.

VIPKid Feedback Examples

Because there are many types of classes (and many different types of students), we’re going to look at several feedback examples. Feel free to use these as a springboard for writing your own lesson feedback!

Feedback Example: Trial Class

“Welcome to VIPKID! Alisha did a great job today on her first lesson! She was able to say [hello] and she practiced saying the words [ball] and [apple]. She repeated after me, followed teacher instructions, and drew on the screen with her mouse. She can practice her alphabet and introducing herself in English with the sentence, “I am Alisha.” She will learn many things in the VIPKID lessons including alphabet awareness, increased vocabulary, reading fluency, grammar and writing skills. Alisha will also develop speaking confidence through interaction with an English teacher. I believe that she will be a fantastic VIPKID student! I hope to teach her again soon!” -Teacher Jennifer DAF 🙂

Feedback Example: New Student

“I was very happy to meet Elsa in class! She did great with today’s lesson, [Me, Myself, and I]. Elsa learned the words [fine, tired] and she was able to use them in simple sentences. She learned the letters [Jj, Kk], and she could say, “J is for jump. K is for kite.”  She practiced counting objects [0-5], and she knows each number in [standard form] and in [word form]. Great work, Elsa! She worked hard and was a joy to teach! 5 stars! I hope to see Elsa in class again soon!” -Teacher Jennifer DAF 🙂

Feedback Example: Needs to Practice a Skill

“John did a great job today! He learned the new word [class] and he was able to use it in the sentence “This is a class.” He also learned the word [read]. He repeated the sentences “She reads. They read. I read books.” John practiced the /-ad/ words [fad, lad, mad] and he learned when to add /s/ to words to make them plural. He can review and practice the /-ad/ words to gain more reading confidence. He is making great progress in his English speaking abilities! Thanks for another wonderful class!” -Teacher Jennifer DAF 🙂

Feedback Example: Struggling Student Assessment

“Kam had an assessment today. He read and identified words with short and long /o/ vowel sounds. He read his sight words [came, want, good, ride] and was able to read “Where is my Mommy” with help from the teacher. He answered the comprehension questions with a lot of help. He practiced counting by 2’s, 5’s and 10’s, but he needs to continue practicing his numbers. He read and correctly identified the pictures of animal parts [beak, trunk, neck, horns, fins, claws, hooves, tail]. He matched the pronouns with /have, has/ and correctly conjugated the verb /eat/ with help from the teacher. Thank you for choosing me to be Kam’s teacher. I look forward to our next class together!” -Teacher Jennifer DAF 🙂

Feedback Example: Requesting 5 Apple Feedback

“Today, Alice learned about [greenhouse gases, global warming, climate change]. We talked about recycling and how we can help the environment. Alice told me about different ways that we can protect our environment. We also discussed how we can turn off lights when we leave a room. She practiced saying words that include /y/ at the end. (Remember, sometimes the /y/ makes a long /e/ sound and other times it makes a long /i/ sound.) Alice did well reading the story and answering questions about what she read with help from me. She can practice her new vocabulary words. Thank you for choosing me to be Alice’s teacher! I work very hard to be the very best teacher for Alice. If you are pleased with our lessons and Alice’s progress, I would greatly appreciate a 5 apple rating. (Five apples for teachers are like five stars for students!) I can’t wait to see Alice on Tuesday! -Teacher Jennifer DAF 🙂

In each of these VIPKid feedback examples, I included all of the necessary elements. I made sure to point out things the student did well and then mention any particular skills the student needed to practice before the next lesson.

Even in situations where a student struggled A LOT, I found one or two things on which I could compliment him. This is just one more way to build a student’s confidence and let parents know that you see potential in their child.

VIPKid Feedback Templates

As you start teaching many classes, you will find that you end up teaching a lot of the same classes. Therefore, it is so much easier to create VIPKid feedback templates for yourself that you can copy and paste.

You simply select the specific lesson you need, copy the feedback, and then paste your feedback directly into the feedback section of your class.

I wanted to give you a head start on creating your own personal feedback template, so I’ve created 20 feedback templates for you in Excel and Google Sheets! Simply copy the template wording and paste into your lesson feedback forms.

After you enter your information, they will come straight to your inbox!

Remember, writing VIPKid feedback doesn’t have to be super-complex or difficult! Simply learning the basics about how to write good feedback and knowing where to find that information each time you need it will save you so much time and energy every week.