Welcome, friend!

I’m so glad that you’ve decided to find out a little bit more about becoming a VIPKid teacher. It has been such an amazing experience for me, and I know it can be for you as well.

In the spirit of complete transparency, the company is currently experiencing some growing pains. Because of a recent crackdown within the Chinese Educational Program regarding online tutoring and education in China, VIPKid has moved their headquarters to a different country. Therefore, they’re experiencing quite an upheaval in the platform as well as the structure of the company.

I will always LOVE VIPKid, and I hope the transition is a short-term struggle because it has been a huge blessing in my life. Should you choose to continue the application process at this time, I am still happy to help in any way I can. This page is designed to give you some helpful information about your first step & what you can expect from me.

1. Use My Personal Referral Link to Apply

If you would like for me to be your personal mentor through the entire hiring process, please use this referral link. You will be directed to a page that looks like this where you will enter your email address and create a password.

If your page does not have my picture on it, then it means that you’re not using my specific referral link. And remember…the only way to GUARANTEE that I am your mentor is by using my link.

As your mentor, I’ll walk you through the entire hiring process step by step so that there are no surprises, and I will also provide you with resources and free printables that will help you be successful. 🙂

Because I think complete honesty is vital to any lasting friendship, I want you to know that I will receive a one time bonus after you teach your first class. But I certainly don’t plan to wait until that point to celebrate. As soon as you find out you’re hired, we will celebrate together!!

2. Let Me Know You Applied

Once you’ve signed up with VIPKid, let ME know so that I can start helping you! All of the helpful content and FREE props that I’ll be sending you will come to you via email. So, be sure to enter the email address that you check most frequently in the form below.