How to Create a Table in PowerPoint

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Are you interested in learning how to create a table in PowerPoint? You will find all of the information you need to know in a step-by-step tutorial designed to be completed at your own pace. So, are you ready to create a table in Powerpoint?

Step 1

First, open up PowerPoint. Click on blank document or new document. Once you have it open, start by going to File>Page Setup. This is where you can decide exactly how large you want your document to be. {I typically like to set mine at 8×10 and then click ok.}

How to make a table in PowerPoint

Step 2

Next, you want to add a table to get the general design of your page. Go to the table tab and a box will open up. If you hover over the table, it will highlight the number of rows and columns that you want in your table. Click here and a table will show up in your document.

How to create lesson plans

Step 3

Once you have it in place, the table will be very small. Go to the outside edge and your cursor will become an arrow. Drag the edge of the table to the make it larger. Continue dragging each of the four edges until the table is the size you need. {If you want to see what your table looks like, just click your cursor somewhere outside of the table.}

Lesson plan template

Step 4

Then, to change the characteristics, you need to click on the table. Once the border is highlighted, you can change the color by going to the Tables tab>paint bucket can icon>no fill. This will make the table see through. {If you want a different color, just click on the color that you want.}

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Step 5

Once you have the table filled in with the color you want, you need make the gridlines show up. To do this, go to the Tables tab>square icon>grid icon.

PowerPoint table

This is what your table will look like if you have formatted it to have gridlines and no fill.

create a table in powerpoint

You did it! You have now made a table in PowerPoint, and you can mark that off your bucket list. If you want to know how to customize your table, then you are ready to go on to Lesson 2-Customizing Shapes in PowerPoint.

Creating lesson plans is time-consuming, and they certainly aren't one size fits all. But, in Part 1 of my series on creating time-saving lesson plans, find out exactly how to create a table in PowerPoint step-by-step. #lessonplans #teaching #lessons #PowerPoint #homeschooling