How to Customize Shapes in PowerPoint

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You have already learned how to create a table in PowerPoint. Are you ready to learn how to customize shapes in PowerPoint? Remember to go at your own pace as you complete this tutorial.

Step 1

To begin, a table needs to be opened up. {If you have just finished step 1, you are good to go. If not, insert a table so this section will make sense.}  Next, click on your table so that the outline is highlighted. Now, you can lower the top of the table to make room for the shape we are going to add.

how to customize shapes in PowerPoint

Step 2

Now you’re ready to put in a rectangle. Go to the Shape icon>Rectangles>and pick the first picture.

PowerPoint shapes

Step 3

Then, your cursor will turn into a + sign, and you just “draw” the rectangle. {You pull the cursor and the rectangle appears. You can adjust the size by clicking on the sides.}

Customize shapes in PPT for Lesson Plans

Step 4

You now have a rectangle that you can customize by color. The rectangle needs to be highlighted for this part, and to highlight you need to simply click the shape and the box will show up. So, now go to the top and click Format>Shape>Fill>No Fill.

How to create unique shapes in PowerPoint

While you’re in the Format Shape box, go down from the fill icon to the line icon. For this, I always choose black as my line color.

How to make shapes in PPT

Also, while you’re in the Format Shape box, go down to the shadow icon and click in the check box. This keeps a shadow from showing up around your shape.

How to format shapes in PPT

Step 5

Now, you have a perfect rectangle for the top of your table. {By the way, you can use the same steps for any shape that you want to customize. Simply go back to the Shape icon and pick whichever shape suits your needs.}

How to format shapes in PowerPoint

Step 6

For my lesson plans, I like to make an additional smaller rectangle so I can write the dates inside. To make a smaller rectangle, you can simply duplicate the rectangle you have already made. {If you are on a Mac, you can hit…Command-the button beside the space bar-D, and if you are on a PC right click and go down to duplicate.}

Customized Lesson Plan Shapes

That’s it! You can now customize shapes in PowerPoint to your heart’s content! Remember, you don’t have to use this tutorial for rectangles only. The same information applies regardless of the shape you choose. If you’re ready to learn more, let’s move to Lesson 3-Customizing Text in PowerPoint.

Part 2 of my series on creating time-saving lesson plans is all about creating customizable shapes. While this may not seem like an important feature, you will find out just how invaluable it is! Discover how to create these shapes in PowerPoint step-by-step. #teaching #homeschooling #lessonplans #lessons #PowerPoint