Never Waste Time on Ineffective TpT Search Results Again

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Shopping on TeachersPayTeachers (TpT) is unlike any other website because it has over 3 million educational resources available.  (Yeah, I said 3 million resources.)  Obviously, with that many, you need to have a plan or you’ll find yourself lost in a sea of products.  There are several ways that you can explore and uncover the TpT search results you want , but these are the most common and effective.

  • General Search
  • Specific Shop
  • By Criteria

We are going to discuss each of these individually, but before we begin, if you haven’t already done so, you might want to read Conquering your Quest for the Perfect Resources.  This post will help you narrow down your prospective resources as much as possible before you ever click on the TpT link.

How to Search on TpT

General Search

Obviously, when considering ways to search on TpT, this is where most people begin.  I typically use this search bar when I’m simply browsing, or when I’m curious about the number of products available for a given topic.

Unfortunately, this will most likely yield a ridiculously large number of TpT search results because it’s a GENERAL search.  Therefore, it’s going to be the least effective way to explore your resource options if you’re limited on time.

You will find this search bar at the very top of the TpT webpage, and you can access this from any page within the TpT database.  If you are looking for one of your favorite shops or sellers, you can type the name in the general search bar, and find the results you need.  As soon as you get to the homepage of your favorite store, you can move on to the next type of search!

Specific Shop

If you have a particular shop you enjoy perusing, this will be the best way to search on TpT for you.

To explore any specific store, go to the shop’s page, and about halfway down on the right, you will see another search bar.  This is the shop search bar.  From here, you can analyze any product that particular seller has available.  Remember, these results are ONLY for this store.

Categories Within a Specific Shop

Before we move to the next search option, I want to take a quick minute and point out one more thing.  In each shop, there are categories.  Some shops have “default” categories, but many sellers choose to create custom categories.

All of the categories, whether default or custom, are located on the left-hand side of the page.  This is an excellent place to start if you really like the resources from a specific seller.  Because it provides you with the opportunity to quickly scan the groups of resources offered, you know right where to begin.

Custom Categories in TpT search results

For example, in my shop, I created custom categories to help my customers find exactly what they need without having to filter through every product in my shop.

My custom categories include:

This allows shoppers to know at a glance what types of products I have available.  Then they can choose to look at any and all categories that pertain to what they need.

Of course, once you’ve finished looking at everything in a particular shop, you can simply return to the general search.  Or, you can choose to see what other TpT search results you can uncover with the last option.

By Criteria

This type of search will be most effective if you have taken the time to refine exactly what you want.  Once you’ve narrowed down the various aspects of the “perfect” resource, you can explore several different ways.

There are four specific options including by grade level, subject, price, or resource type.  You can access this information from the drop down menu beside the general search bar at the top.  This same information can be found in the sidebar on the left-hand side of the webpage.

When you already have in mind what types of resources you’re looking for, you can use these searches to your benefit.  Incorporating these practices will maximize your TpT search results while minimizing the time you spend filtering through products.

Teachers Pay Teachers is such an amazing site for teachers and homeschoolers. Unfortunately, the sheer number of resources can be too overwhelming for some people. I have put together a strategy to help you focus your search in such a way that you never waste time on TpT searching for those perfect resources. Find exactly what you want in less time! #TpT #teachers #homeschoolers #education

The next time you visit TpT, give a few of these suggestions a try.  You have nothing to lose, and a lot of time to gain!