Private Coaching

Get one-on-one, individualized Direction & expert guidance from Jennifer…
Working with Jennifer has been an absolute pleasure. Whether you’re a new or veteran seller on TpT, Jennifer’s knowledge and creativity will most certainly give you the tools to enhance all of your products and store. During the process of working with Jennifer, my TpT sales increased 10% in November, 31% in December, and 84.5% in January. Jennifer is incredibly supportive, friendly, knowledgeable and generous with her time. It was wonderful working with her and if you are seriously interested in getting the most out of your TpT store, I give her my highest recommendation.
Matt Schoonmaker | Traveling Teacher

you are ready to exit the classroom but…

you just have so many questions and fears that keep you stuck.

You feel trapped in your current position, but you really don’t know what else you could do with your particular set of skills because you’ve always been a teacher.


You would like to start a side hustle, but you have no clue where to begin or what would be a good fit for you in the amount of time you have available.


You have dreams + goals that include being out of the classroom, but you don’t know whether these dreams are too big or even viable options for you at this point.

You truly believe you could be successful…

if you had someone to help you avoid the devastating pitfalls
by walking you through the process step-by-step.
Let’s get down to business

Here is how it works…

Part one

onboarding process

Before we begin your coaching, I will send you an onboarding questionnaire and we will have a 30 minute Discovery Zoom meeting where we determine if we are a good fit. We will discuss your goals and pinpoint how I can best help you meet those goals.

Part Two

topics we can cover

Because one-on-one coaching is tailored to meet your specific goals & needs, we will discuss a variety of topics. Here are some of the most popular…
▫️ Building a Brand + Website
▫️ Launching a Course or Webinar
▫️ Creating a Classroom Exit Plan
▫️ Setting up Emails List + Funnels
▫️ Starting a Successful TpT Shop
▫️ Designing an Eye-Catching Resume
▫️ Increasing Productivity with Systems
▫️ and more…

Part Three

12 Week Program

We will meet for one hour each week via Zoom to discuss your timeline, progress, and relevant next steps. During these focused strategy sessions, we will make notes and I will add homework to a private Google Document that you and I share. This will be a running record of each thing you need to accomplish step-by-step. You will also receive my personal number so you can reach out as needed between meetings.

Private coaching is so much more than just an accountability partner, a mindset shift, or a fast track program. It’s a comprehensive individualized blueprint designed to provide you with the essential strategies, tools, & shortcuts you need to be successful as you leave the classroom and embark on your new career path outside the classroom!

What others are saying…

Jennifer cares about the why behind your passion + goals for your business!

By definition, I’m a busy wife, mom, & teacher, but recently I’ve desired a career change that would allow me to be home with my family. As someone with very little time (but grand aspirations), working full-time while trying to manage my TPT store and blog had become extremely overwhelming. But then I crossed paths with Jennifer, and boy am I grateful I did!

After carefully looking over my TpT store, she provided me with meaningful feedback that allowed me to focus on one area at a time in order to make the most impact with the small amount of time I had available. Since working with Jennifer, I’ve noticed a significant increase in sales on a monthly basis; compared to last year’s data, I’m making almost double!

What I appreciate most about Jennifer is that she’s a mom & former teacher. She understands the unique challenges I face caring for my home, my family, & my side business. She’s helped me break down my big goal into smaller attainable goals & given me strategies that allow me to work in small pockets of time while still making enormous progress. I would recommend Jennifer to any fellow hard-working TPT seller who needs a push in the right direction to make that dream a reality.

Madeline Snyder | Resigned + Renewed

Working with Jennifer will be the best investment of your life!

Whenever you find yourself in a life or career transition it can be tough to figure everything out alone. As a coach myself, I know how powerful it is to have someone in your corner helping you navigate it all. That’s why I chose Jennifer to help me transition from solopreneur to a mompreneur. Jennifer’s coaching program helped me look at things from a different perspective and consider options I hadn’t thought of before.

Jennifer has a knack for quickly getting to the heart of the matter and helping you find creative solutions that work best for you. She helped me develop an action plan that allowed me to take concrete steps forward so I could make my transition into motherhood and entrepreneurship with grace, ease, and confidence.

Jennifer also worked with me to launch my podcast website and made sure everything was tailored to my needs. I value her vast knowledge of WordPress, SEO, and all things blogging. She helped me determine the best workflow for running my podcast. If you have the opportunity to work with Jennifer, do not hesitate. It will be the best investment of your life!

CHYNELL MOORE | Routine Your Dream

💡 How long are coaching sessions?

12 coaching sessions x 60 minutes each week for 3 months.

💡 How many sessions before I see results?

Results are based on the specific goals of each client & directly related to the amount of effort you apply, but you’ll leave our 1st session with action steps you can implement immediately.

💡 What if I have to cancel a session?

As long as you give me 24 hours notice, we can reschedule our meeting.

💡 What if I have a question between our sessions?

You’ll have direct access to me via email & text for additional support as needed in between our sessions.

💡 Are your coaching services always available?

I have a limited number of spots available for clients as my goal is to always deliver the highest possible level of service. Once the slots are full, I stop enrolling new clients.

As someone who has successfully left the classroom TWICE, I’ve learned what’s important (and what isn’t) and I’m here to share ALL of my knowledge with you.

Meet Jennifer

Former classroom teacher turned homeschooling mom, TpT seller, website designer, blogger, podcaster, & classroom exit strategy specialist.

After receiving my Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education & spending 2 years in the classroom, I left my teaching position to become a stay-at-home mom.

But losing my salary meant our family income was cut in half & we quickly found ourselves living paycheck to paycheck…just barely scraping by.

However, the year my youngest started kindergarten, I returned to the classroom & we were able to save my paycheck each month since we’d learned to live on less.

After 3 years, I found myself exiting the classroom again…but this time it was to homeschool my boys & become an online business owner.

Honestly, I had no idea leaving the classroom TWICE would be the springboard that launched me directly into helping other teachers exit the classroom on their terms with a strategic action plan & career path…but here we are & I can’t wait to serve you!!

What topics can we discuss?

▫️ Building a Brand
▫️ Starting a Website
▫️ Opening a TpT Shop
▫️ Becoming an Affiliate
▫️ Designing a Webinar
▫️ Creating a Sales Page
▫️ Producing a Resume

▫️ Increasing Your Productivity
▫️ Using Reels to Grow Your Following
▫️ Developing a Content Strategy
▫️ Constructing a Marketing Plan
▫️ Applying SEO to Increase Views
▫️ Generating Multiple Income Streams
▫️ Formulating an Exit Timeline

▫️ Leveraging Social Media
▫️ Creating Opt-ins
▫️ Setting up an Email List
▫️ Designing Org. Systems
▫️ Launching Your First Course
▫️ Establishing Your Business
▫️ And so much more!!