10 Drawer Cart Labels (Rustic Coastal)


⇒ Subject:  Classroom Decor, Organization
⇒ Grade Levels:  All Grade Levels
⇒ Resource Type:  Labels

These 10 Drawer Cart Labels coordinate perfectly with the rest of the items in the my Rustic Coastal Collection. They are large enough to cover almost the entire front of your multicolor, white, or black carts. They are a shabby chic/faux wood look that will add some visual interest and farmhouse flair to your classroom.

Includes the following labels:
➠Monday-Friday (each day individually)
➠January-December (each month individually)
➠Next Week
➠Social Studies
➠Language Arts
➠Close Reads
➠Task Cards
➠Morning Work
➠Lesson Plans
➠Faculty Meeting
➠Sub Plans
➠To File
➠To Copy
➠To Grade
➠Nurse Forms
➠Pink Slips
➠Book Orders
➠Field Trip Forms
➠Parent Notes
➠Copy Paper
➠Notebook Paper
➠Graph Paper
➠White Boards

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