VIPKid Find-A-Star Vol. 1


⇒ Subject:  VIPKID
⇒ Grade Levels:  All
⇒ Resource Type:  Reward System

If you are looking for a way to simplify your rewards, this is it! With 40 reward boards to choose from, there are plenty of options for all of your students from the youngest to the oldest.

I created these specific boards to help you minimize the time you spend switching out rewards between lessons! (This comes in especially handy when your classes tend to run long.)

Simply pick the board of your choice, and use it for all of your students during that day!

Board themes include:
➠ Ocean Animals
➠ Birds
➠ Mammals
➠ Farm Animals
➠ Christmas
➠ Fall
➠ Spring
➠ Winter
➠ 5 Senses
➠ Vehicles
➠ Food Groups
➠ and many more!!

✅ For tips on how to use this in your VIPKID classroom, you can check out my blog post entitled Virtual Teaching with the Find-A-Star Reward System.

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