Teacher Toolbox Labels (Rustic Coastal)


⇒ Subject:  Classroom Decor
⇒ Grade Levels:  Not Grade Specific
⇒ Resource Type:  Posters

Everyone has seen the adorable teacher toolboxes, and these labels are perfect for keeping your teacher toolbox organized!  They coordinate with my Rustic Coastal Collection.

These labels are EDITABLE so that you can create labels unique to your needs.  I have also included all of the following labels to help you get started!!

►Lg. binder clips
►Dry Erase Markers
►Sticky Notes
►Index Cards
►Rubber Bands
►Washi Tape
►Staple Remover
►Binder Clips
►Band Aids
►Glue Sticks
►White Out
►Tape Refills

►Sticky Tack
►Binder Rings
►White Out
►Washi Tape
►Band Aids
►Push Pins
►Paper Clips

The Rustic Coastal Collection:
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