VIPKid Level 3 Flashcards


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Be prepared for any class (including those Short Notice bookings) with this set of Level 3 VIPKid props. As of June 2021, this bundle of VIPKid flashcards aligns with the current NMC Level 3 content.
Recent Changes to Level 3 Content:
The only change that was made to Level 3 (by VIPKid) is the removal of lessons 5 & 11 from each unit. So instead of 12 lessons per unit there are now 10.  All of the content within this flashcard set is 100% up to date.
This set is included in the Ultimate Bundle!!
Included in this set:
Sight word cards
⭐ Vocabulary cards
⭐ Grammar cards
⭐ Sentence frame cards
⭐ Math content cards
Each flashcard includes the MC label at the bottom of the card so that you can organize them by class. They are organized from Unit 1-12 covering all of the concepts your students will encounter.
If you’re an ESL-ELL teacher, these VIPKID props are perfect for many of the basic concepts students need to understand. They are also excellent for Word Walls.
Please Read:
There are two sets of flashcards included in this MEGA PACK.
➠ Set 1 – 350+ MC flashcards with a purple background
➠ Set 2 – 350+ MC flashcards with a white background (printer-friendly ink saver!!)
✸ There are over 700 flashcards TOTAL to choose from in this set. You can print the 350+ MC cards with a purple background or you can print the 350+ MC cards with the white background to save the cost of printing.
If you notice that any content is missing from this set, please send me an email with a screenshot of the concepts (vocabulary, sentence frames, etc.) to  I will update the flashcards with the information you provide as quickly as possible!!
Topics Included:
⭐ China
⭐ America
⭐ Clothing
⭐ Community
⭐ Time
⭐ Food
⭐ 5 Senses
⭐ Sports
⭐ Body Parts
⭐ Birthday
⭐ Adjectives
⭐ Verbs
⭐ Prepositions
⭐ Weather
⭐ Seasons
⭐ Punctuation
⭐ Animal Groups
⭐ Days of the Week
⭐ Months of the Year
⭐ Greater Than, Less Than
⭐ This, That, These, Those
⭐ Sentence Frames