VIPKid Level 4 Flashcards


⇒ Subject:  VIPKID, ESL
⇒ Grade Levels:  All Levels
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Be prepared for any class (including those Short Notice bookings) with this set of Level 4 VIPKid props. As of June 2021, this bundle of VIPKid flashcards aligns with the current Level 4 content.
Changes to Level 4 Content:
In the NMC for Level 4, students will be encouraged to do more writing, which is incorporated into the final project assignment. However, this update does not affect the content in the lessons. (The only adjustment will be in the way the student is introduced to the final project assignment.)
Included in this set:
Sight word cards
⭐ Vocabulary cards
⭐ Grammar cards
⭐ Sentence frame cards
⭐ Math content cards
This set is included in the Ultimate Bundle!!
Each flashcard includes the MC label at the bottom of the card so that you can organize them by class. They are organized from Unit 1-12 covering all of the concepts your students will encounter.
If you’re an ESL-ELL teacher, these VIPKID props are perfect for many of the basic concepts students need to understand. They are also excellent for Word Walls.
Please Read:
There are two sets of flashcards included in this MEGA PACK.
➠ Set 1 – 425+ MC flashcards with a turquoise background
➠ Set 2 – 425+ MC flashcards with a white background (printer-friendly ink saver!!)
✸ There are over 850 flashcards TOTAL to choose from in this set. You can print the 425+ MC cards with a turquoise background or you can print the 425+ MC cards with the white background to save the cost of printing.
If you notice that any content is missing from this set, please send me an email with a screenshot of the concepts (vocabulary, sentence frames, etc.) to I will update the flashcards with the information you provide as quickly as possible!!
Topics Included:
⭐ Unit 1-Our Earth
⭐ Unit 2-Wild Animals
⭐ Unit 3-My Country, My Culture
⭐ Unit 4-Going Places
⭐ Unit 5-Hobbies
⭐ Unit 6-My City
⭐ Unit 7-We Work to Live
⭐ Unit 8-Where People and Animals Live
⭐ Unit 9-Animal Helpers
⭐ Unit 10-Now & Then
⭐ Unit 11-Stories That Teach Us