resume refresh

A comprehensive + uniquely individualized overhaul of your current resume, as well as the knowledge you need to replicate the process, resulting in an eye-catching document that secures the interview with your dream employer. 

Using my 3 step “all in” framework

Here’s what we will cover…

Part one


Once you decide that you want to work with me, we will determine when to meet for our one-on-one Zoom meeting. After scheduling our meeting, I will email you some homework to complete before we meet. This will help you be prepared with all of the right information we will need and allow us to make the most of our time together during the meeting.

Part Two

Look + Learn

You will spend time researching professions + positions that are a good fit for you. Then we will narrow those down into one particular category of jobs for our time together. I will teach you how to use the job description itself to reveal vital information that we will add to your resume, and I will show you how to replicate the process for each job you pursue.

Part Three

Initiate + Never stop tweaking

After we have completely revamped your resume, I will reveal even more secrets for how to secure the interview as well as how to repeat the same process as many times as needed. You will leave our meeting with a completely customized resume and a template you can use to recreate the document as needed for each new position you pursue.

ready to change your life?

resume refresh