Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could make money passively FROM HOME while spending time with your kids?

You’re ridiculously busy, & your “to do” list seems to get longer the more things you accomplish. But, no matter how much money you bring home, there’s always more MONTH than money.

Your heart yearns to be a stay-at-home mom. You silently dream of taking a trip to Disney World with your kids. You desire to become debt-free.  But each of those things requires the one thing you lack…extra money.

I know what you’re thinking

“Well, that’s great, but I don’t know how to make resources like other people on Teachers Pay Teachers. And, I’m sooooo not techy. Even if I wanted to, I wouldn’t know where to begin.”

I get it!  

Many people have tried to open a shop, but inevitably gave up because the learning curve was just too steep.

They couldn’t find the time to learn all of the things they needed to know. Every time they learned one thing, there were three more things they had to learn. And without any extra time to spend researching and learning, they became frustrated & defeated.

Then, without ever making a dime they abandoned their dreams and settled for watching other people live out theirs.

But, that doesn’t have to be you!

But what if

You made over $3,000?

That’s how much I earned in one month from my TpT store alone. I would NEVER have believed I could earn that much!

But, when I discovered how to create products that teachers needed, it was a game-changer because not only was I generating this extra money, I was doing it PASSIVELY while homeschooling my kids, going to church, and watching my sons’ ball games.

(And with the money that I earned, I’m taking my boys to Disney World!)


Setting Up Shop

From TpT Newbie to shop-owning guru
Everything You Need to Create the Products People Want, Design an Eye-Catching Shop that Stands Out, & Start Earning Money PASSIVELY!

What’s Inside?

Six Learning Modules

Strategically developed modules filled with individual lessons that build the solid foundation you need to become a successful PowerPoint user, TpT seller, & shop owner.

Video Tutorials

Step-by-step videos that walk you through EXACTLY what you need to do to become a competent PowerPoint user, TpT creator, and custom shop designer.

The Course Workbook

Packed with cheatsheets and shortcuts as well as room to sketch, write, and draw, this workbook will be the ULTIMATE resource you revisit again & again.

Pinterest for your Shop

Learn how to make pins and market your products on Pinterest (without being spammy), and discover how to harness the potential and power of social media for your shop.

Your Time

With succinct lessons and easy to follow directions, you will be able to implement your new skills quickly without having to search for all of the answers independently.

Lifetime Access & Bonuses

This self-paced course is full of exclusive bonuses only available HERE. And, you’ll have access to all future updates FREE for LIFE!!

Let’s get down to business

Here’s what we cover…

Module one

the basics

If you’ve ever worried about Copyright law and how to ethically (and legally) selling products with copyrighted fonts & clip art works, this module will put your mind at ease. We also take a deep dive into where to find unique fonts and clipart as well as how to download them for easy access.

Module Two


If you want to master your PowerPoint game, then this module is going to make you very happy. We dig into all of the unique features that PowerPoint has to offer along with simple shortcuts you can use to make your creation process & product workflow so much faster!

Module Three

your tpt shop

Do you feel completely overwhelmed with the prospect of learning the Teachers Pay Teachers platform? Module 3 is designed to alleviate that stress. You’ll find easy to follow tutorials that take the confusion out of setting up your seller account, choosing a shop name, and creating your shop logo.

Module four


This module will definitely be one of your favorites! In fact, I will go so far as to say it will be a game changer for your business. You will learn how to create products people actually want to buy, how to protect those amazing resources, and how to make ANYTHING editable.

Module five

Uploading products

This module is one of the most important because we walk through how to upload your awesome new resources to TpT and how to craft a compelling description that will have your customers begging you to take their money!

Module six

Being seen

One of the biggest fears of teachers who are thinking about opening a TpT shop is never being found. Once you have all of the other moving parts in place, you need to know how to get your ideal customer to see your products and that is exactly what we cover in this module!


Here’s what my students have to say…

what every new tpt seller needs!

This course would have saved me HOURS of precious time in the beginning phase of TPT business! Instead I fumbled my way through without a plan. Jennifer lays down all the basics to get your store up & running, with a step by step workbook & videos. Her bubbly personality & willingness to help, make learning a breeze. I highly recommend Setting Up Shop and any of Jennifer’s resources. Happy Teacher Mama are three words that fit her perfectly!
Spanglish Schoolhouse

This course definitely delivers!

I’m the type of person who needs hands-on experience to really understand and learn how to use a program. This course definitely delivers. It is very well-planned, thorough, and well worth the cost!  (Actually, my husband, who is self-employed, plans on using some of her tips for his own business.) If you have questions about any of the information, Jennifer will gladly answer. I’m so thankful to have had the opportunity to work through this course!
Assistant Principal

Exactly what I needed to feel confident!

This course was exactly what I needed to feel prepared in creating, developing, & maintaining my TPT store. I completed it in 2 days and had my first product up by the third day. Her directions are clear and easy to follow as you work on your own computer doing the tasks that prepare your store to launch. I also appreciated her tips for marketing because Pinterest drove a lot of clients to my store. The price you pay for this course is definitely worth it!! I made over $400 my first month.
Classroom Teacher

hi I’m Jennifer!

When I left the public school system to become a homeschooling mom to my two boys, our finances took a hit. My husband had a good job, but we essentially cut our income in half overnight. 

I decided that I should open a TpT shop to earn a little extra money from home. But, my “grand” opening was welcomed by nothing more than crickets. 

So, after a disappointing start, I was determined to figure out what I needed to be creating and how to get my resources in front of the people who needed them.

After months of learning (and a lot of trial & error), I discovered the formula for success. And that’s when my sales skyrocketed!

Now, I’m making a full-time income PASSIVELY from my TpT shop! And I want to share EVERYTHING that I’ve learned so that you can start making money fast.

The truth is without a TpT shop that’s bringing in money while you’re spending time with your kids, you are missing out!

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One time Payment
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