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Would you like to start selling your educational resources on Teachers Pay Teachers, but you don’t know where to begin? This guide is designed to help you get crystal clear on exactly what you should be creating.

You Have the skills to

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There is a strategic formula to making money with your TpT shop. Knowledge creates understanding, understanding builds confidence, and confidence leads to sales. You just need exclusive access to proven strategies that make the difference.

As a blogger, I’ve purchased many courses that I started, but never finished. That didn’t happen with this course. I met Jennifer, in person, a few years ago & she encouraged me to start my own TpT shop…I regret not paying attention to her words back then. However, when I finally decided to take the plunge, I purchased Jennifer’s course immediately. She teaches how to set up your shop & create products simply but effectively. After following step by step through the course, I had my shop opened within 2-3 days. Jennifer’s teachings are amazing! I’m excited to finally have a platform to sell my products. If you’ve purchased courses before & you felt totally overwhelmed…this is not the case. Her course is easy to follow & you will do things fast! Lou HM