The 25 Greatest Bones and Skeleton Books for Kids

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Skeleton books for kids can be a fun way to introduce children to science, anatomy, Halloween, or simply ignite their imagination.

From non-fiction children’s books that educate kids about the human skeletal system and body parts to fictional picture books that feature skeletons as characters in stories, you will find a nice mix on this list.

But let me mention one thing.

Consider the age and reading level of the children you work with when choosing books to ensure they are appropriate and engaging for their interests and abilities.

And just know ahead of time that not every child is going to be excited about discussing skeletons and bones.

At the risk of sounding cliche when referring to skeletons…proceed with caution! (See what I did there???)

On that note, here are 25 skeleton-themed books suitable for kids of all ages.

Fiction Skeleton Books for Kids

1. Skeleton Hiccups

We’ve all had the hiccups and I think everyone would agree they can be rather annoying. But what happens when a skeleton gets the hiccups?

This delightful book written by Margery Cuyler, tells the story of a skeleton who just can’t seem to shake his hiccups and the funny attempts he makes to get rid of them. Your kids will love following along on this silly journey!

2. If You Ever Meet a Skeleton

Most of us are afraid of skeletons because they seem scary. But if you meet one, you may discover they aren’t anything like you thought! In fact, they aren’t very good at most activities and they are afraid of everything.

This enchanting book by Rebecca Evans is a great way to help children who may be fearful of the topic of skeletons get over their apprehension and begin thinking about skeletons in a whole new way.

3. Dem Bones

A vibrant and rhythmic picture book, by Bob Barner, inspired by the traditional African-American spiritual song. Young readers are introduced to the different bones in the human body through catchy rhymes and colorful illustrations.

Your students will absolutely love this book and it will be one of your most requested skeleton books for kids year round!

4. Stanley the Skeleton

Stanley is super-excited because it’s his favorite time of year…Halloween! This is the one day a year where he can walk around without scaring anyone. But this year, something is different.

When he and his skeleton cat Spook arrive in town, they find themselves in a bit of a situation. Discover how kindness changes the outcome of this predicament and Stanley’s life forever.

5. Skeletons ARE NOT Spooky!

This is another one of those great books designed to help young children understand that skeletons are nothing to fear. In this unique tale, listeners will get a closer look at what skeletons actually do for us and why they are not actually spooky…even though we might think they are! Discover rib-tickling info and hilarious illustrations that will have your students begging for another reading.

6. Halloween Hustle

When a skeleton decides to go trick-or-treating on Halloween night, he is excited, but also confused. Every time he takes a step his bones make funny noises and get all discombobulated! So he reaches out to all sorts of interesting Halloween characters to help him solve his problem. This is one of those hilarious Halloween books your kids will love and request you read over and over again! 

7. Skeleton For Dinner

In this comical book, a skeleton named Big Anthony is invited over for a dinner with his friends. He eagerly prepares a large salad before joining the dinner party. However, when he arrives, he is in for a big surprise! The guests think HE is dinner!! As the hilarious story unfolds, children learn the importance of good communication.

8. Funny Bones

Have you ever wondered what life is like for a family of skeletons? In this classic children’s book by Allan Ahlberg and Janet Ahlberg, we have the unique opportunity to follow along on the adventures of a big skeleton, a little skeleton, and a dog skeleton.

Your kids will have a great time comparing what the skeletons do as they venture out of their dark cellar to explore the world to what they do each day!

9. Bonaparte Falls Apart

Bonaparte has a problem…he keeps falling apart! So that makes doing every day activities like playing and going to school rather difficult. He and his friends try different ideas, but nothing works.

However, at Halloween time, they come up with a creative solution that cleverly solves his predicament! Another Margery Cuyler classic that younger children and older kids alike will adore.

10. Skelly the Skeleton Girl

When Skelly finds a bone, she decides to find its owner. She questions everyone from her skeletal goldfish and her man-eating plants to people throughout her town of Bonesville. But no one seems to know who is missing this particular bone. Finally, Skelly finds the thankful owner, and she makes a new friend in an unexpected person. 

Non-Fiction Skeleton Books for Kids

11. The Skeleton Inside You

This fascinating book, written by Philip Balestrino and True Kelley, uses rhyming text and colorful illustrations to introduce young readers to the bones and their role in the human body. It is equal parts informative and engaging, and it helps kids understand the importance of their skeleton in supporting their bodies. 

12. My Amazing Bones and Skeleton

Another book designed to take the fear out of the idea of skeletons and bones, this title by A.D. Largie is perfect for helping young learners make connections between what our bones are for and how they work inside of our bodies. This book even takes learners a little deeper into how our muscles connect to our bones to make both our skeletal system and our muscular system work the way they were designed to work.

13. Bones

Author Stephen Krensky provides a detailed yet accessible look at bones and their role in the body. Young readers are taken on an educational and engaging journey to learn about the human skeletal system.

Explore topics like bone structure and functions, how bones help support our body’s weight, how our bones enable movement, and how our bones are essential for protecting vital organs. 

14. The Skeleton Book: Get to Know Your Bones Inside and Out

This interactive non-fiction book written by Robert Winston provides a close look at bones, joints, and the human body through lift-the-flap elements and other fun features.

Filled with detailed illustrations and photographs that showcase the structure and functions of various bones, listeners learn about topics such as bone anatomy, how bones grow and repair, the role of bones in supporting the body, and their involvement in movement.

15. Skulls

Another excellent book designed to turn fear to knowledge. This debut book written by Blair Thornburgh and illustrated by Scott Campbell is full of amazing facts and illustrations of all different colors.

It does a fantastic job of making skulls, something that is traditionally pretty eerie, fascinating. Join in the fun as you look at all the different hidden gems within our skulls. 

16. Bones: Skeletons and How They Work

A fascinating non-fiction book, by Steve Jenkins, that delves into the world of skeletons, explaining how they work in different animals, including humans, with stunning illustrations.

It explains the skeletal system in a visually engaging and informative way, and it is bound to be one of your students’ new favorite books.

17. Bones In The Human Body! Anatomy Book for Kids

This interesting book aims to introduce young readers to the basics of the human body’s structure and functions in an age-appropriate and engaging manner. It features colorful illustrations, simple explanations, and interactive elements designed to make learning about bones in the human body interesting for children. Discover tons of amazing human body facts (with a specific focus on the skeletal system) as you dive into this unique book.

18. The Bones You Own

This colorful and engaging book is perfect for the skeleton lover because the information within is presented in a simple yet thorough manner. The concepts are basic enough that young children can understand them, but presented in an enticing way. Full of details about bones with colorful photos and illustrations, this title will be one you will want to add to your collection of skeleton books for kids.

19. Bone Collection: Skulls

Each of the titles in the Bone Collection series has a beautifully embossed cover that young children will love. The texture and the feel of the cover immediately creates interest in what lies inside the book.

This particular book covers mammal, bird, fish, amphibian, and reptile skulls ranging from tiny to enormous. It also focuses on interesting facts associated with each animal and its bone structure.

20. Bone Collection: Dinosaurs and Other Prehistoric Animals

Your students will love seeing the detailed illustrations, diagrams, and photographs of what the bones and fossils look like. They will also enjoying seeing what we imagine these prehistoric creatures looked like.

Every child who has an interest in dinosaurs will be a huge fan of this particular title. So go ahead and just plan on adding this one to your collection of skeleton books for kids. You will be glad you did.

21. Book of Bones: 10 Record-Breaking Animals

In this unique book by Gabrielle Balkan, young readers are introduced to some of the most fascinating creatures that have ever lived on planet Earth.

Written in an engaging question and answer format, kids are given clues to see if they know which animal fits the description. From the animal with the largest singular bone to the animal with the fewest bones, these ancient skeletons and modern animals will intrigue young readers. 

22. Bones: An Inside Look at the Animal Kingdom

Another fantastic book in our list of skeleton books for kids, this title explores the diversity of bones in the animal kingdom, showing how different creatures use their skeletons for survival.

Animals are divided into categories including biting & jaws, digging, grasping & claws, holding weight, jumping, gliding & flight, running, and swimming. Each category features three animals that display these unique characteristics.

23. Bones: Our Skeletal System

This beautifully illustrated book provides an in-depth look at the human skeletal system, covering bone anatomy, the different types of bones in the body, joints, and their functions. Readers will also learn about how bones provide structure and support, protect vital organs, and enable movement. Author Seymour Simon explains complex concepts in a clear and accessible manner, making it ideal for young readers and more advanced readers alike.

24. Bone by Bone: Comparing Animal Skeletons

While not solely focused on human bones, this book takes young readers on an exciting journey through the animal kingdom focusing on the diverse skeletal structures that help animals survive and thrive in their unique habitats.

The book invites readers to compare and contrast different animal bones and skeletons, showcasing how each bone serves a specific purpose for that creature’s needs. Another winner to add to your skeleton books for kids collection.

25. The Bones Book and Skeleton

This interactive book and 24 piece skeleton replica takes learners on a fascinating journey into the world of bones and the human skeleton. This resource is unique in that it includes a model skeleton to assemble, along with information about bones, joints, and how they support our bodies.

This title is perfect for young readers who are curious about the human body and eager to explore the wonders of the skeletal system.

These books should provide a wonderfully unique mix of entertainment, education, and imagination for kids interested in skeletons and the human body.

Whether it’s Halloween season or any other time of the year, these books will be sure to captivate young minds and bring delight to readers of all ages.