The Best STEM Activities for Kindergarten

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STEM activities are all the rage…especially for young kids! But not all STEM activities are created equal. Only the best STEM activities for Kindergarten are teacher-approved, parent-approved, and kid-approved because they have to meet three SPECIFIC qualifications.

They have to be fun, easy, and educational!

Kindergarten is such a fun age for parents and teachers, but keeping five and six year olds interested in learning can be somewhat difficult to say the least. This is the perfect time to introduce them to STEM projects. 

Whether you are a kindergarten teacher or homeschooling mama to a kindergartener, this HUGE list of STEM activities is great because they…

  • don’t take much time
  • can be completed with a small supply list
  • are ultra-enticing to kids

What is a STEM Activity?

STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and math

Most STEM activities cover more than one category, which is what makes them so fantastic! Instead of teaching math and science as isolated subjects, STEM activities encourage cross-curricular thinking.

The fact that these hands-on lessons apply to real-world scenarios makes them invaluable to learning. 

Benefits of STEM Activities 

In the past, it was common to hear statements like “Boys are just naturally better at math and science” and “Girls are better at english and art.” So boys and girls were “pushed” in their respective directions which, in turn, led to a large number of men pursuing these types of professions as adults.

However, now we know just how important STEM activities are to every child!

STEM projects encourage problem-solving, creativity, and logical thinking; all of which are vital to every child’s future in education and beyond. 

Trust me when I tell you that kids will choose hands-on learning over a worksheet any day! And if you want to create an environment where kids are excited about learning whether in school or out of school, these activities are an excellent place to start.

The BEST STEM Activities for Kindergarten

Walking Rainbow Experiment Science Project

STEM Category: Science

Kindergarteners need to be able to recognize their colors, and this STEM activity is perfect for helping them see how different colors are created using science!

Your kids will be amazed that the experiment actually works as they watch the colors literally walk up the paper!

DIY Fridge Door Marble Run Using Magnets

STEM Category: Engineering

Prepare for fun!

Your kindergartener will love this marble run that is designed to be played in the kitchen!

While your kindergartener can use the refrigerator door in this particular activity, you could also let them try this out on a magnetic dry erase board or a blackboard for a little variety!

How To Make a Cloud in a Jar

STEM Category: Science

Weather can be tough for young learners to understand, and this becomes extremely obvious when you start trying to explain the scientific processes that occur. 

But teaching your students about clouds just got easier and more hands-on with this cloud in a jar activity! And if you find that your learners are intrigued and showing great interest in weather, you can find lots of other fantastic lessons and resources here.

Post-It Number Match

STEM Category: Math

Most of the time math is considered boring by kindergarteners because it usually involves a workbook, worksheet, or flashcards.

But this hands-on activity reinforces counting skills, number recognition, and memorization in a way that is so enjoyable your kids won’t even realize they’re learning! If you don’t have room on the wall, simply use dry erase boards.

STEM Building Shapes with Marshmallows

STEM Category: Engineering/Math

STEM building is such a great way to have kids active and learning. Plus, using marshmallows means that they can always pause and have a snack while they’re working, too! 

All you need for this activity is small marshmallows and some toothpicks. If you have children who are older, this is also a great activity to learn about vertices and different types of angles.

Cleaning Pennies with Ketchup

STEM Category: Science

Can you clean a penny with ketchup? Find out in this fun experiment that reinforces the scientific method. 

Your kids will learn about oxidation and chemical reactions. And even though this concept may seem too advanced for kindergarteners, they will love it!

To take this experiment a step farther, let students hypothesize what household items can be cleaned and then test those hypotheses.

Easy Heart Pump Model: Cardiovascular STEM for Kids

STEM Category: Science

Learn how our heart pumps blood with this hands-on STEM project, building a heart model that really works!

With the anatomy of the body being so complex, sometimes worksheets can cause even more confusion. That is why this entertaining activity is so perfect! It makes learning about an abstract concept (like blood flow) interesting and easy to understand!

How To Make Magnetic Slime

STEM Category: Science

Slime is every parent’s nightmare and every child’s dream. But when it comes to learning, we have to think like a kid…and that’s why we should incorporate slime into learning!

Your kindergarteners will have a blast making this recipe, and be equally amazed at the fact that it’s magnetic! To take this activity up a notch, let your kids brainstorm other things in your home or classroom that might be magnetic!

How Strong is Spaghetti?

STEM Category: Engineering

This activity is super simple and the only ingredient you need is dried spaghetti!

While this project is really easy, it will require your students to apply their critical thinking skills and teach them valuable information about engineering. 

So, how strong is spaghetti?

Teaching Patterns 

STEM Category: Math

Manipulating, creating, and understanding patterns is a core skill for Kindergartners. In fact, patterning is one of the most foundational aspects of math.

Malia offers several pattern strips that can be used seasonally for teaching patterns to 5 and 6-year-olds. Simply print and cut out the pattern strips and have students use candy (or just color them in) to complete the patterns. 

Weight Stem Challenge Cards

STEM Category: Math

Everyone agrees that hands-on math is much more engaging than a boring worksheet!

Kids will love discovering measurement as they use physical objects and these challenge cards to see which items weigh more!

Make it even more challenging and fun by placing the cards around the room and having kids search for them.

20 Teacher Approved iPad Apps for Kids

STEM Category: Technology

In our technology-dependent world, the sooner kids can learn to use technology the better.

Find tons of great age-appropriate suggestions designed to expose your kindergartners to technology that is both fun and educational!

In fact, this list even contains teacher-approved learning apps for kids up to eight years old!

Glowing Bouncy Egg Experiment

STEM Category: Science

Be prepared to turn your kids into little scientists! This STEM activity teaches the process of osmosis as well as the anatomy of an egg. 

While most of the experiments included in this list of the best STEM activities for Kindergarten are short-term projects, this one will take a few days to complete.

But the wait will be absolutely worth it!

Counting with Golf Balls and Buttons

STEM Category: Math

Getting started with STEM activities doesn’t have to be super-complex. You can introduce your learners to numbers with hands-on activities like counting with golf balls, buttons, and egg cartons!

Don’t have any golfers in the family? Check your local thrift store for boxes of old buttons or your local consignment sports stores for used golf balls!

For a fun twist on this project, simply write letters (instead of numbers) on the golf balls and let your child practice spelling some kindergarten sight words!

Ice Cream Numbers

STEM Category: Math

Differentiate instruction with this ice cream STEM activity. Your kindergarteners will learn numbers, math facts, and even their phone numbers!

To make laminating your ice cream pieces easier, grab some self-laminating sheets versus using a laminator!

How To Make a Snowstorm in a Jar

STEM Category: Science

Create a snowstorm in a jar as you teach them about weather and pressure systems! 

This is a great idea to incorporate during the winter or after your kids are disappointed because you didn’t get any snow!

Boys and girls love this project, and you can customize the colors in this activity to your kids’ specifications making it even more enticing.

Button Tower STEM Activity

STEM Category: Engineering

These button towers are so much fun to make! With a variety of buttons and a small batch of Play-Doh, the options are endless!

This is a nice alternative to building with Legos that is both easy and fun for this age group.

Consider creating challenges that encourage them to design the tallest tower, produce the longest track, or even use the most buttons.

DIY Lava Lamp 

STEM Category: Science

This DIY lava lamp is a fun and simple, hands-on science activity for kids.

It uses basic household supplies, but packs a powerful science punch while taking up only a small amount of time!

To turn this into a full blown science project, test different types of oils and varying amounts of the antacids and record the different outcomes.

Pipe Cleaner Constellations

STEM Category: Science

Pipe cleaner constellations are a fun STEM activity to learn about the stars, while also strengthening fine motor skills.

Not really confident in your own ability to find the constellations?

There are even several free apps available let you take photos at night and match them to constellations!

Paper Cup Challenge

STEM Category: Science/Engineering

Let students figure out how they can stand on paper cups without the cups collapsing! This is also a great group activity!

Another variation of this activity would be to test cups made from different materials and see the outcome.

These are some of the best STEM activities for Kindergarten because they are exciting and full of learning opportunities. You can easily add them into your homeschooling schedule or your classroom science block. After completing these activities, your kids will be completely smitten with learning!