Two Teacher Tools You Need to Make Life Easier

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Have you ever considered how blessed we are to live and teach during this period of history?  We were born during a time that boasts amazing modern conveniences like the dishwasher, microwave, and computer…just to name a few.  

These tools are invaluable to life as we know it.  And the LaserJet printer and laminator are no exception.  These two “teacher tools” have become instrumental in making my hectic teaching life so much easier!

Favorite Teacher Tools

LaserJet Printer

Out of all the teacher tools in my arsenal, my LaserJet Printer is my favorite!  Whether you need to print pictures, task cards, certificates, or documents, a good printer is essential.  The problem is deciding which printer is best.  

Now, let’s be real…the cheap inkjet printers are definitely cheaper in the beginning.  But, if you print as often as I do, you need to make the investment in a LaserJet printer.  Yes, they are more expensive up front, but if you add the price of ink and the gas it takes to drive to the store twice a week for replacement cartridges, the smaller Inkjet printers aren’t really saving you any money.  And they certainly aren’t saving you any time!

When I first started researching printers, my old LaserJet was on its last leg.  I first heard about the HP LaserJet Pro M252dw Wireless Color Printer from another teacher, but I was skeptical of the price.

Spending $200 on this printer wasn’t exactly what I wanted to do, but I had to have one that could handle A LOT of printing.  Most of the supplemental resources I use in our homeschool are digital downloads from TpT.  So, after reading the recommendation, I bought it.  And I’m so glad I did.

Why I Love This Printer

Honestly, I’ve been totally impressed with this printer.  The quality is second to none, and my favorite part…it’s wireless!!  My previous printer was a beast, and even though I have a laptop, printing had to be done in one place.  Now, I can be working on something in my bedroom and it prints in the schoolroom!  (While this probably isn’t a big deal to you, I love this feature.  Seriously, you can print from another room!)

Because I’ve had this printer for about a year now, I’ve already replaced the cartridges.  Since they’re expensive, I did some research and chose these remanufactured ones from Amazon.  The cartridges work just as well as the name brand, but cost substantially less!  And they are designed to print up to 2,700 pages before running out.  Thus, less time wasted waiting on new ink cartridges and a lot more time printing.

Since school started for us this week, I’ve been printing up a storm!  I’ve printed my classroom décor, spiral review curriculum, task cards, lesson plans, as well as an assortment of other online goodies.  So, if you’re in the market for a printer, do yourself a favor, and invest in this one.  You can thank me later!!

Personal Laminator

During my first two years as a classroom teacher, having to wait on the school laminator to be available wasn’t my idea of fun.  So, I rarely used it.  I just figured out creative ways around it.

Then, while staying at home with my boys before they were in school, I was given the gift that keeps on giving…a personal laminator.  Truthfully, I had the thing a couple of years before I ever used it.  (GASP!)  When I finally dusted it off and fired that baby up, it was pure magic!  I wanted to laminate everything…and I pretty much did.

When I started my second round of teaching, I used my laminator almost daily!  I was always printing and laminating task cards, activities for small groups, or random classroom décor pieces. 

My laminator became so popular with my co-workers that we began having to wait on each other to use it.  I never knew whose room it was going to be in.  Finally, after sharing custody for awhile, they decided to purchase their own.

Now as a homeschooling mama, I use my laminator about once a week.  (I actually just laminated the baseball certificates for our sons’ team last week, and now I’m working on my boys’ school schedules.) 

I usually try to do a “laminating party” and get several things done at once.  That way I can put it away when I’m not using it, and cut down on our classroom clutter.  Although, I never would’ve thought I’d own a laminator, now I can’t imagine NOT owning one.

While I use many tools in a day, my LaserJet printer and my personal laminator have been crucial to my productivity.  My printer allows me to print what I need, when I need it.  The laminator has provided me the convenience of reusing resources that otherwise would’ve been consumable.  If you want to overcome some of the chaos, these teacher tools are worth the investment.