How to Play Would You Rather VIPKid Style

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There are so many options when it comes to VIPKid rewards. Younger students like pretty much anything, but when it comes to VIPKid rewards for older students, “Would You Rather” is my students’ favorite game!

Playing “Would You Rather” VIPKid style is so much fun! You can create an amazing extension conversation for your upper level students just by adding this VIPKid reward system into your current teaching model.

What is “Would You Rather”?

The Original Would You Rather Board Game

Would You Rather was designed as a game of choices where players must choose which one of two given situations is most palatable to them. The questions go from typical this-or-that style to over the top unique (and sometimes grotesque) situations.

Kids of all ages (yep adults too) love this game. My boys actually have the Would You Rather board game, and it’s one of their favorites. Sometimes they just grab a stack of the cards and walk around the house asking the questions.

The Would You Rather VIPKid Reward System

The Would You Rather reward system was designed to specifically target and extend many of the common topics, vocabulary terms, and concepts that have been learned in the VIPKid curriculum.

It has the same setup as the board game; however, the questions are much more general and I did NOT include any grotesque situations.

How is Would You Rather Different From Find-A-Star?

The common thread in all reward systems is to reward students (obviously) with virtual stars and something secondary. But Find-A-Star and Would You Rather are designed a bit differently on purpose. So what are the differences?


  • Includes 12 number squares
  • Designed to help students practice counting
  • Student picks numbers until a star is revealed
  • Appropriate for any age

Would You Rather

  • Includes 5 number circles
  • Designed to engage students in conversation
  • Student chooses 1 number & answers a question each time
  • Appropriate for upper level students 

Would You Rather is an excellent reward system to include in your upper level classes. It’s a very simple way to reward students and it can lead to some in-depth conversations.

Teachers who can appropriately extend conversations during lessons are favored among parents of VIPKid students. And the Would You Rather VIPKid version has conversation extensions built right into the reward system itself.

How to Prep Your Would You Rather Reward System

Here’s What You Need

1. After purchasing the Would You Rather VIPKid Reward Boards on Teachers Pay Teachers, download the file.

2. Now that you’ve opened the Would You Rather Boards, you need to print the numbers page and as many of the reward boards as you want. (You can always print more boards later.)

Quick Tip:  I recommend using cardstock for printing all reward boards because the thickness provides durability and allows you to print reward boards on both sides without bleed through. If you want to use colored paper, be sure to laminate for increased strength and longevity.

3. Cut out ONLY the 1-5 number circles. (Do NOT cut out the circles on the reward boards!)  Then glue a magnet to the back of each number. Once the glue dries, you are ready to set up your reward system.

4. Choose one of your printed reward boards and place it on the cookie sheet. To hold the cardstock in place, add a magnet to each corner of the sheet. Place one number over each of the 5 questions so that none of the questions are visible.

Quick Tip:  The $1.00 cookie sheet from Wal-Mart comes in a traditional “silver” color. I chose to spray paint mine a bright green color to make it stand out a little more on my background. My favorite spray paint is Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch, and you can find it in most hardware stores.

5. If you have a magnetic background in your VIPKid classroom, you can place your cookie sheet on your background, and it’s ready to play! If you don’t have a magnetic background, place your cookie sheet in an accessible location to be used during your next upper level VIPKid class.

Would You Rather in Your VIPKid Classroom

Now that you have everything prepped, you’re ready to play! With any reward system I use, I generally give a virtual star every 5-7 slides. This offers students sufficient time to put forth effort and be rewarded.

So when you finish the 5th slide, hold up the cookie sheet and ask the student to pick a number. After he chooses a number, remove it and read the hidden question.

Quick Tip:  When asking questions, make sure the tone of your voice goes up at the end of the question. Modeling appropriate voice intonation when reading the question will help students hear how native English speakers ask questions.

After you read the question, give your student a moment to think about what you’ve just asked. If time allows, add your thoughts to the conversation and tell the student what you would have chosen as your answer.

Once your student gives an answer, click a virtual star on the screen and continue the lesson. Then after 5-7 more slides, simply repeat the process.

This game helps you learn more about your student in a way that doesn’t make you or your student feel awkward. It provides the perfect amount of conversation extension without taking up too much time, which is why it’s one of the best VIPKid rewards for older students.